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Contains Exact Name Matches: Two-Weapon Fighting (Rules), Two-Weapon Fighting (Rules), Two-Weapon Fighting (Feats)


Two-Weapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Fighting, Step 4: Feats, Action Types and Subtypes, Attack, Action Types, Burning Buildings and Crumbling Structures, Draw or Sheathe a Weapon, Forest Terrain, Quick, Running Smooth Combats, Teams, Underwater Combat, Weapon Qualities, Acrobatics (Dex; Armor Check Penalty), Ad Hoc Experience, Armor as DR, Clandestine Operations, Class Grafts, Creating Adventures, Creating Items for Profit, Crowd Attitudes, Crowd's Starting Attitude, Don't Stymie the PCs, Dueling Resolve, Event Consequences, Events, Example Heist, Full Attack, High-Level Play (Level 13+), Horrible Success, Terrible Rewards, In Media Res, Making Basic Treasure Interesting, NPC Gallery, NPC Roles, Offensive Racial Traits, Performance Combat, Power of the Gods, Reading a Deity Stat Block, Reforming an Army, Research by Expertise, Sample Trials, Sensitive Topics, Spellcaster Array, Spells of Intrigue, Stakes and Contenders, Standard Offensive Traits, Starting a Duel, Step 1: Concept, Taking a Different Path, The Criminal Underworld, Total Defense, Transmutation, Treasure, Types of Contacts, Types of Performance Combat, Typical Business Setups, Warrior, Weapons, Wound Thresholds

Feats - Combat Feats

Two-Weapon Fighting, Greater Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Feint, Two-Weapon Grace, Divine Fighting Technique, Two-Weapon Defense, Multiweapon Fighting, Two-Weapon Feint, Two-Weapon Rend, Two-Weapon Drunkard, Dirty Fighting, Fighting Frenzy, Shielded Staff Master, Heaven's Step, Stick-Fighting Maneuver, Twin Thunders Flurry, Shielded Staff Ambush, Shielded Staff Style, Twin Thunders Master, Stick-Fighting Counter, Thunder and Fang, Sword and Pistol, Twin Thunders, Bashing Finish, Bloody Sabres, Break Guard, Crane Style, Dorn-Dergar Master, Double Slice, Improved Position of Strength, Net and Trident, Pinpoint Poisoner, Shield Slam, Shield Snag, Spear Dancing Reach, Spear Dancing Spiral, Spear Dancing Style, Twin Fang Lunge, Twin Fang Style, Shield Master, Taldan Duelist, Cautious Fighter, Crane Riposte, Crane Wing, Desperate Battler, Desperate Swing, Elven Battle Torrent, Empty Quiver Flexibility, Hamatulatsu, Improved Beast Hunter, Nightmare Fist, Osyluth Guile, Quick Stow, Stick-Fighting Style, Surprise Strike, Swordplay Style, Twin Fang Strike, Uncanny Defense, Uncivilized Tactics, Aldori Dueling Mastery, Aldori Style, Aldori Style Aegis, Aldori Style Conquest, Aquadynamic Focus, Barracuda Style, Blades Above and Below, Bounding Hammer, Choir of Blades, Cornugon Shield, Counterpunch, Dance of Chains, Demonic Nemesis, Elven Battle Focus, Fencing Grace, Feral Grace, Flanking Foil, Focused Undead Expertise, Garen's Discipline, Gloom Strike, Improved Dirty Trick, Improved Unarmed Strike, Janni Style, Kyton Style, Monkey Style, Mud in Your Eye, Ostentatious Weakness, Pack Flanking, Psychovore Style, Rat Catcher, Resisting Grappler, Sand Strike, Shield Brace, Skyseeker Thrash, Slashing Grace, Squirming Pile, Starry Grace, Stock-Striker Style, Tiger Style, Unfair Grip, Unhindering Shield, Weapon Trick


Two-Weapon Warrior (Fighter), Elemental Annihilator (Kineticist), Brawling Blademaster (Samurai), Taldor: Rondelero Duelist (Fighter), Thunderstriker (Fighter), Bow Nomad (Ranger), Wave Warden (Ranger), Picaroon (Swashbuckler), Corsair (Fighter), Savage Technologist (Barbarian), Shielded Fighter (Fighter), Brazen Disciple (Monk (Unchained)), Brazen Disciple (Monk), Rondelero Swashbuckler (Swashbuckler), Varisian Free-Style Fighter (Fighter), Aerial Assaulter (Fighter), Banishing Warden (Paladin), Black Powder Vaulter (Gunslinger), Daring Champion (Cavalier), Drill Sergeant (Fighter), Ectochymist (Alchemist), Elemental Envoy (Ranger), Elemental Monk (Monk (Unchained)), Elemental Monk (Monk), Exemplar (Brawler), Hinyasi (Brawler), Ironbound Sword (Samurai), Knife Master (Rogue), Martial Master (Fighter), Mindblade (Magus), Shield Champion (Brawler), Spear Fighter (Fighter), Strong-Side Boxer (Brawler), Tribal Fighter (Fighter), Viking (Fighter), Warlock (Vigilante), Warrior Poet (Samurai), Warsighted (Oracle), Wildsoul (Vigilante), Aldori Defender (Fighter), Argent Voice (Bard), Bloody-Knuckled Rowdy (Bloodrager), Brutal Pugilist (Barbarian), Brute (Vigilante), Cad (Fighter), Constructed Pugilist (Brawler), Covenbane (Slayer), Deliverer (Slayer), Drakerider (Cavalier), Dusk Stalker (Ranger), Eldritch Scrapper (Sorcerer), Exciter (Spiritualist), Ferocious Hunter (Vigilante), Fey Prankster (Bard), Forester (Hunter), Free Hand Fighter (Fighter), Guildbreaker (Ranger), Hellcat (Monk), Jungle Rager (Barbarian), Lotus Geisha (Bard), Phalanx Soldier (Fighter), Pirate (Rogue), Polearm Master (Fighter), Skirmisher (Fighter), Sly Saboteur (Rogue), Spawn Slayer (Slayer), Spell Dancer (Magus), Spellblade (Magus), Style Shifter (Shifter), Sunrider (Druid), Tempered Champion (Paladin), Two-Handed Fighter (Fighter), Uprooter Scout (Hunter), Vanguard (Slayer), Wild Rager (Barbarian), Wild Whisperer (Druid), Yokai Hunter (Ranger)


Two-Weapon Tricks, Weapon and Shield Tricks, Cayden Cailean's Blade and Tankard, Double Bane, Dual Enhancement, Hand's Autonomy, One-Handed Weapon Tricks, Desna's Shooting Star, Erastil's Distracting Shot, Irori’s Perfected Fist, Lamashtu's Carving, Norgorber’s Silent Shiv, Asmodeus’s Mandate, Bloodstone Manhunter, Draconian Law, Rovagug’s Thunder, Torag's Patient Strikes, Abadar's Crossbow, Big Game Hunter, Blood for the Empire, Brash Stride, Creature Focus, Draconic Defender, Dragonbane Aura, Extra Death Vow, Ferocious Resolve, Fight On, Galley Slave, Giant Vendetta, Improved Back to Back, Inner Light (BoA), Kaava Musk Tricks, One Mind, Planar Hunter, Profane Studies, Spell Bluff (UM), Stalwart, Strength in Defeat, Taldan Conscript, Tunnel Rat, Two-Handed Weapon Tricks, Urgathoa's Hunger, Weapon Style Mastery


Two-Weapon Combat, Brawler, Faithful (Achaekek), Shield of Fury, Monk, Brawler, Greater, Champion, Magus, Order of the Eastern Star, Faithful (Iomedae), Faithful (Irori), Metal, Paladin, Thrown Weapon, Vestigial Arm (Ex), Weapon and Shield, Bard, Cavalier, Deceptive, Effortless Dual-Wielding, Faith, False Flanker, Fighter, Gunslinger, Hunter, Mountainside Ambush, Oath against the Whispering Way, Oracle, Order of the Eclipse, Order of the Land, Ranger, Ranger Combat Style, Resurrection, Skald, Stavian I (Guardian), The Dance of 23 Steps (Dance)


Baston fighting stick, Fighting fan, Battle ladder, gnome, Battle poi, Buckler, Chariot (heavy), Dual-balanced, Halfling double sling, Light steel quickdraw, Light wooden quickdraw, Sawtooth sabre, Shang gou, War-shield, dwarven, War-shield, dwarven, Bill, Blunderbuss, Brass knuckles, Caltrops, Chariot, Heavy, Chariot, Medium, Dagger, Dog (guard), Elven leafblade, Hireling (trained), Katana, double walking stick, Madu (leather), Orc double axe, Sickle, Sparring gear, Terror kite, Tonfa, Totem spear


Fighting School (Battle Monk), Fighting School (Initiate), Fighting School (Master), Fiendslayer, Angel Slayer, Blade Lord, Dagger Master, Elven Recluse, Golem-Breaker, Undead Slayer, Double Axe Fury, Arcane Experimenter, Coliseum (Beast Master), Giant-Killer, Gladiator Champion, Guildmaster, Pirate King, Pirate Queen, Scheming Fencer, Bounty Hunter, Criminal (Slayer), Criminal (Street Thug), Desert Stalker, Marauder (Pirate Captain), Mountaineer, Red Mantis Assassin, Red Mantis Initiate, Sailor (First Mate), Carousing Champion, Crime Lord, Haughty Avenger, Ossuary Agent, Royalty (Princess), Sodden Scavenger, Aldori Swordlord, Brutal Warlord, City Watch Captain (Magnimar), Coliseum (Gladiator), Darkstar, Dwarven Rager, Machine Slayer, Mercenary (Caravan Guard), Murderous Halfling, Poacher, Scarred Wanderer, Ulfen Raider, Ageless Master, Apprentice Jeweler, Blackraven Scout, City Watch (Guard Officer), Cutthroat Lawyer, Dancing Dervish, Deadly Spy, Death Priest, Demon-Blooded Sorcerer, Diplomat, Forge Rider, Frontier (Guide), Griffon Rider, Halfling Slinger, Iron Duelist, Masked Lord, Mercenary (Sellsword), Military (General), Mounted Archer, Mounted Paragon, Noble Crusader, Savage Mercenary, Shaman, Shieldbreaker, Shoanti Gladiator, Sister of the Golden Erinyes, Skulking Brute, Spell Hunter, Sword Savant, Taiga Stalker, Traitor, Warren Chief, Wrath Priest

Magic Items - Magic Weapons

Cailean Fighting Tankard, Courtesan's Ire, Machete of Clearing (normal), Whisper and Shadow

Monster Templates

Ranger, Mutant, Skeleton, Commando Construct, Ectoplasmic, Fungal Creature, Granule Construct Host, Half-Fiend, Lich, Psychic Lich


Japalisura, Balor, Frost Giant Jarl, Apostle Kyton, Ayandamahla, the Crimson Lotus, Irii, Shax, Ninkonda, Pale Stranger, Ratfolk Expedition Leader, Rokyamut, Sunlord Thalachos, Tarry Demodand, Toshigami, Xill Matriarch, Barbatos, Boggard Stalker, Charon, Desert Giant, Galundari, the Scourge of Heaven, Human Skeleton, Maftet, Shenzuzhou, Air Veela, Bugbear Ambusher, Earth Veela, Ettin, Geryon, Gurgist, Hydraggon, Lamia Matriarch, Moloch, Ship Scavenger, Thoxel Demon, Thriae Seer, Water Veela, Coffin Guard, Fire Veela, Hammer Archon, Hobgoblin Lieutenant, Lifeleecher, Phylacator, Sahuagin Infiltrator, Spyglass Archon, Tanuki, Terra-Cotta Soldier, Apocrisiarius, Calikang, Dark Stalker, Emerald Automaton, Fallen, Fire Giant Glaive, Forsaken Defender, Four-Armed Mudra Skeleton, Frosty Chiseler, Goblin Firestarter, Goblin Sneak, Hand of the Inheritor, Hanshepsu, Jinushigami, Korada, Mountain Giant, Mustelidal, Orc Chieftain, Ratfolk, Scyld Hranni, Storm Giant Matriarch, Shadow Giant, Squall Seer, Sun Falcon, The Stabbing Beast, Urban Stalker, Valharut, Ymeri, Adaro, Almiraj, Aluum, Amarok, Ancient Gravedigger, Angazhani (High Girallon), Anunnaki, Ashava, Asura, Axial Monitor, Bagman, Baphomet, Birelu, Bishop Agathion, Boggart, Burning Child, Canopy Troll, Charnel God, Chelonidal, Clockwork Overseer, Clockwork Snail, Commando Construct, Daitengu, Drow Priest, Duskwalker, Ectoplasmic Human, Ettin, Faun, Formian Warrior, Four-Armed Mutant, Fungal Nymph, Gare Linnorm, Genthodaemon, Giant Mantis, Giraffe, Gladiator Robot, Gowrow, Granule Construct Swarm, Griffon, Hippocampus, Hishandura, Hobgoblin Bombardier, House Drake, Hungry Fog, Ichthyocentaur, Ja Noi, Kaiju, Kigyo, Kirrix, Kobold Devilspeaker, Lamhigyn, Lhaksharut, Lich, Mangvhune, the Temple Hill Slasher, Marilith, Monstrous Cockroach, Morlock Swarmer Troop, Muldnal, Mutant Orc, Myrmecoleon, Orynox Marchelin, Fire Giant King, Owb Prophet, Popoto, Popoto Dolphin, Psychic Lich, Salamander, Saurian, Sea Linnorm, Serpopard, Shalkeshka, Shaorhaz, Glutton of the Green, Shobhad, Skapraun, Slime Naga, Somalcygot, Suffragan, Sun Giant, Thanatotic, Tomb Giant, Udaeus, Umasi, Unchosen, Upasunda, Void Yai, Vrolikai, Xill, Ximtal, Zalyakavat, Zana

Prestige Classes

Red Mantis Assassin, Sanguine Angel, Aldori Swordlord, Low Templar, Eldritch Knight, Lion Blade, Asavir, Devoted Muse, Duelist, Esoteric Knight, Gray Corsair, Halfling Opportunist, Horizon Walker, Inner Sea Pirate, Lantern Bearer, Mammoth Rider, Pit Fighter, Rage Prophet, Skyseeker, Storm Kindler

Mythic Material

Precision, Fight On


Achaekek, Gorum, Nocticula (Redeemed), Arazni, Desna, Grandmother Spider, Iomedae, Norgorber, Shizuru

Magic Items - Artifacts

Godclaw Gauntlets, Codex of the Infinite Planes, Dawnflower's Kiss, Elemental Chain

Magic Items - Magic Armor

Gug Hide, Armor of the Tireless Warrior, Belligerent Shield

Magic Items - Magic Rods

Rod of Flailing, Rod of Balance

Magic Items - Wondrous Items

Duelist's Vambraces, Poisoner's Gloves, Wing of the Shorn Harpy, Earth Child Faceguard, Manual of Calm Reflection (Irori), Rime-Stride Boots, The Storied Orb

Monster Rules

Natural Attacks, Ferocity, Multiweapon Mastery


Ratfolk, Aasimar, Adaro, Cautious Brawler, Devoted Companion, Duskwalker, Dwarf, Gnome, Half-Orc, Jininese Weapon Mastery, Lashunta, Orc, Strix


Animal Tricks, Core, Companion Tricks, Core


Wither Limb, Animal Ambassador, Animal Purpose Training, Blade Tutor's Spirit, Blur, Calm Emotions, Crime Wave, Crusader's Edge, Deathwatch, Eaglesoul, Familiar Melding, Gift of the Deep, Invoke Deity, Keep Watch, Magic Jar, Marionette Possession, Martyr's Bargain, Miracle, Overstimulate, Possession, Reboot, Serenity, Spectral Saluqi, Transformation


Cultist Lineage, Dirty Trickster, Shadow Trained, Abolitionist Hunter, Aerial Harrier, Andoren Freedom Fighter, Aquatic Survivalist, Arcane Malignancies, Blade Bravado, Blooded, Carnal Attraction, Cleansing the Twisted, Crimson Carapace, Deck Fighter, Defender of the Society, Demon Smiter, Demonblight Reistance, Dominator, Dwarf-Trained, Exhibition Fighter, Expert Boarder, Gnoll Killer, Hill Fighter, Ironfang Survivor, Master of the Sudden Strike, Mivoni Duelist, Nature's Mimic, Nexian Corpse Hunter, Quain Martial Artist, River Fighter, River Sniper, Serpent Runner, Shadow Stabber, Slippery Step, Storm Hunter, Surprise Weapon, Tar Taargadth Trained, Vexing Defender, Well-Provisioned Adventurer, World-Weary


Diseased Bite

Class Capstones

Slayer: Against the Odds (Ex)


Pride, Termite, Giant


Powered Armor