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Throughout the War for the Crown Adventure Path, PCs can find the following relics, organized below by the volume of the AP in which they appear. To use these relics in other campaigns, consult the information on PC level in parentheses. A relic’s stat block details its base abilities followed by the powers the relic gains when it attains one or more triumphs.
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Belt of the Last Wall

Source Pathfinder #141: Last Watch pg. 67
Introduced In
Aura strong abjuration and necromancy [lawful]
Slot belt; CL 13th
Weight 4 lbs.
Three miniature shields, each worn and beaten, hang loosely from this decrepit leather belt. Dozens of adamantine lamellar plates adorn the cord’s exterior, giving it the appearance of having been forged from steel.

This worn belt is marked with heraldry representing the members of the Realmsguard, a group of Taldan knights whose valor inspired the founding of the nation of Lastwall. The belt grants its wearer DR 1/adamantine and a +2 enhancement bonus that can be divided in increments of +1 to any of the wearer’s physical ability scores. For example, the wearer can allocate +2 to Constitution or +1 to both Strength and Dexterity. Treat this enhancement bonus as a temporary ability bonus for the first 24 hours the belt is worn. The wearer can reallocate this enhancement bonus once per day by meditating while wearing the belt, but doing so changes the belt’s enhancement bonus to a temporary bonus for the next 24 hours if it wasn’t temporary already.


Task To be worthy of this relic, you must successfully prevent an innocent from being slain by a creature whose CR is at least 3 greater than your total level or Hit Dice (whichever is higher). For this task, an innocent is any creature whose Hit Dice is equal to or less than half your Hit Dice. You are not worthy of this relic if you complete this task by orchestrating events that lead to this situation, as determined by the GM.

Benefit The Belt of the Last Wall’s enhancement bonus increases to +4, and the damage reduction it provides increases to DR 2/adamantine. In addition, whenever an ally within 60 feet is attacked, the wearer can rip a shield free from the belt as an immediate action to grant that ally the benefits of shield other for 1 minute. This ability can be used 3 times; to regain a use, the wearer must affix a new shield worth at least 50 gp to the Belt of the Last Wall. Only one shield can be affixed to the Belt of the Last Wall per day.