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Fiend-Bred Animal

Source Pathfinder #103: The Hellfire Compact pg. 86
Fiend-bred animals are pedigreed varieties of animals whose bloodlines include an animal-like fiend. The breeders of these creatures typically use a conjuration spell of the calling subschool, such as planar ally or planar binding, to call a suitable fiend to the Material Plane and persuade it to mate with an animal of a compatible species. Most of the male hybrids are sterile, and thus the female hybrids of the first generations are mated with animal males until the new variety breeds true. Thereafter, breeders strive to emphasize trainability while retaining the most desirable traits derived from the progenitor fiend.

Fiend-bred animals are rare and incredibly expensive, and therefore most owners of the breed are nobles or other wealthy individuals. Cheliax has a long-standing tradition of producing fiend-bred animals, and most hell-bred dogs are from meticulously tracked bloodlines with records in official registers. Keleshites, on the other hand, typically record their stygian hot-blooded horses’ ancestries through oral traditions passed down through ensuing generations.


Chelish Hell-Bred Dog (CR 2), Quillcat (CR 1), Stygian Hot-Blooded Horse (CR 2)