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Tobongo (Mwangi Treant)

Tearing its elephantine roots free from the soil, an enormous tree unfurls long, tangled branches into arms ending in massive claws.

Tobongo (Mwangi Treant) CR 12

Source Heart of the Jungle pg. 61
XP 19,200
N Gargantuan plant
Init -1; Senses low-light vision; Perception +12


AC 27, touch 5, flat-footed 27 (-1 Dex, +22 natural, -4 size)
hp 175 (14d8+112)
Fort +17, Ref +3, Will +9
Defensive Abilities plant traits; DR 10/slashing
Weaknesses vulnerability to fire


Speed 40 ft.
Melee 2 slams +19 (4d6+12/19-20 plus grab)
Ranged rock +6 (4d6+18)
Space 20 ft., Reach 20 ft.
Special Attacks curse of barkflesh, rock throwing (240 ft.), shake the earth, trample (4d6+18, DC 29)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 11th, concentration +15)
At will - entangle (DC 15)


Str 35, Dex 8, Con 26, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 18
Base Atk +10; CMB +26 (+28 to sunder); CMD 35 (37 vs. sunder)
Feats Alertness, Improved Critical (slam), Improved Natural Attack (slam), Improved Sunder, Iron Will, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (slam)
Skills Diplomacy +14, Intimidate +16, Knowledge (local) +14, Knowledge (nature) +14, Perception +12, Sense Motive +9, Stealth –8 (+8 in forests); Racial Modifiers +16 Stealth in forests
Languages Polyglot, Sylvan, Treant; treespeech
SQ animate trees, double damage against objects


Environment warm jungles
Organization solitary or grove (2-7)
Treasure standard

Special Abilities

Animate Trees (Sp) A tobongo can animate any trees within 180 feet at will, controlling up to two trees at a time. It takes 1 full round for a tree to uproot itself, after which it moves at a speed of 10 feet and fights as a standard treant, gaining the treant’s vulnerability to fire (although it has only one slam attack and lacks the treant’s animation and rock-throwing abilities). If the tobongo that animated it terminates the animation, moves out of range, or is incapacitated, the tree immediately takes root wherever it is and returns to its normal state.

Curse of Barkflesh (Su) Following a successful grapple, a tobongo can dig its spiky branches into its victim, infecting him with a foul and potent curse. Unless he succeeds at a DC 20 Fortitude save, the victim’s flesh immediately begins to harden and grow uncontrollably like tree bark, and he takes 1d4 points of Dexterity damage per day until his Dexterity reaches 0. At this point, the victim turns entirely stiff, grows roots, and transforms into a new, unintelligent tree, preventing any form of resurrection short of wish or miracle. The effect can be slowed by pruning the victim once per hour, slicing off the strange growths. Pruning inflicts 1d6 points of damage on the victim, but it negates the need to make a new Fortitude save. If the victim goes without pruning for more than an hour, the barkflesh takes over and he must immediately make the Fortitude save for the day or suffer the Dexterity damage. The save DC is Wisdom-based.

Curse of Barkflesh: Grapple— injury; save Fort DC 20; frequency 1/ day; effect 1d4 Dex damage, when Dex reaches 0, target transforms into a tree.

Double Damage Against Objects (Ex) A tobongo or animated tree that makes a full attack against an object or structure deals double damage.

Shake the Earth (Ex) A rooted tobongo can, as a full-round action, uproot itself, buckling the surrounding earth in a 60-foot radius. Living creatures within the radius must make a DC 29 Reflex save or fall prone and take 1d6 points of damage. Man-made structures within the area of effect must make a DC 29 Fortitude save or take 4d6 points of structural damage. Once uprooted, the tobongo cannot use this action again until it re-roots itself. It takes the creature at least 1 hour to root effectively. The save DC is Strength-based.

Treespeech (Ex) A tobongo has the ability to converse with plants as if subject to a continual speak with plants spell, and most plants greet it with an attitude of friendly or helpful.

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