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Staff of Power

Source Ultimate Equipment pg. 199, PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 495
Aura strong varies CL 15th
Slot none; Price 235,000 gp; Weight 5 lbs.


A staff of power is a potent magic item with varied offensive and defensive abilities, carved from magically hardened wood. It is usually topped with a glistening gem or orb that burns from within with a flickering red light. The staff allows the use of the following spells:
  • Continual flame (1 charge)
  • Fireball (heightened to 5th level, 1 charge)
  • Levitate (1 charge)
  • Lightning bolt (heightened to 5th level, 1 charge)
  • Magic missile (1 charge)
  • Ray of enfeeblement (heightened to 5th level, 1 charge)
  • Cone of cold (2 charges)
  • Globe of invulnerability (2 charges)
  • Hold monster (2 charges)
  • Wall of force (in a 10-ft.-diameter hemisphere around the caster only, 2 charges)
The wielder of a staff of power gains a +2 luck bonus to AC and on saving throws. The staff is also a +2 quarterstaff, and its wielder may use it to smite opponents. If 1 charge is expended (a free action), the staff deals double damage (×3 on a critical hit) for 1 round.

A staff of power can be used for a retributive strike, requiring it to be broken by its wielder. (If this breaking of the staff is purposeful and declared by the wielder, it can be performed as a standard action that does not require the wielder to make a Strength check.) All charges currently in the staff are instantly released in a 30-foot spread. All creatures and objects within 2 squares of the broken staff take an amount of damage equal to 20 × the number of charges in the staff, those 3 or 4 squares away take an amount of damage equal to 15 × the number of charges, and those 5 or 6 squares away take an amount of damage equal to 10 × the number of charges. All those affected can make DC 17 Reflex saves to reduce the damage by half.

The character breaking the staff has a 50% chance of traveling to another plane of existence (01–50 on a d%), but if she does not, the explosive release of spell energy instantly destroys her. Only certain items, including the staff of the magi and the staff of power, are capable of being used for a retributive strike.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Staff, cone of cold, continual flame, heightened fireball, globe of invulnerability, hold monster, levitate, heightened lightning bolt, magic missile, heightened ray of enfeeblement, wall of force; Cost 117,500 gp