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Magic Sets

The following section details some unique items in the world of Golarion that can have specific additional benefits when worn or wielded together. These item sets are collections of thematically aligned equipment whose magical properties can resonate with each other to make the set greater than the sum of its parts. Set bonuses are cumulative; for example, a character who wears four pieces of a set gains the listed benefits for having two, three, and four of the items. If a set modifies a class feature or ability, the wearer must have this class feature or ability to gain this benefit; for example, a character wearing at least three pieces of the Archmage’s Vestments must be able to cast 3rd-level spells to gain the additional 3rd-level spell slot.

While some GMs may introduce these set bonuses as a unique reward for players in their campaigns, any character can take the Collector’s Boon and Improved Collector’s Boon feats to access the benefits of these equipment sets. GMs can also increase the rarity of these items by waiving the requirement of having the Collector’s Boon and Improved Collector’s Boon feats and instead requiring the set to consist of specific pieces of equipment rather than any item of that type; for example, instead of any greater caster’s shield forming a piece of the Archmage’s Vestments, perhaps only Old Mage Jatembe’s shield, a greater caster’s shield crafted and used by the legendary Old Mage Jatembe himself, can be used to complete the set.

Irori's Meditation

Source Chronicle of Legends pg. 27
As a mortal, Irori committed to a lifestyle of intense discipline and self-actualization, a dedication that persists through Irori’s followers to this day. Legends state that as he approached enlightenment, Irori began to shed the need for the material, giving up many of his earthly possessions, which were then passed on through generations of students as they followed in his footsteps. Irori’s Meditation is a set of simple trappings that are said to include a single thread from Irori’s original belongings and help Iroran’s find inner balance and aid them in their journey towards the true enlightenment they seek.

Bodywrap of Mighty Strikes1: For each additional piece of this set you wear, this shirt can stay ignited for 1 additional round per day.
Monk's Robe: While you are wearing all three pieces of this set, the bonus to AC you gain from your effective monk levels granted by this item increases by 2, exceeding the monk’s AC bonus maximum of +5 if applicable.
Necklace of Ki Serenity: For every additional piece of this set you wear, you increase this item’s bonus by 1.

Two-Item Benefit: When wearing at least two pieces of this set, you gain a +4 insight bonus to CMD.
Three-Item Benefit: When wearing all three pieces of this set, your base speed increases by 10 feet.