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Legacy Items

Whether members of professionally acquisitive organizations such as the Pathfinder Society or simply amateur treasure hunters, adventurers dream of discovering powerful relics wielded by legendary figures from the murky past. While these might be simple artifacts or heirlooms, some rare items are infused by the mighty deeds of their former owners, and an adventurer lucky enough to recover such items could unlock their hidden potential should their own exploits prove worthy. The following items work much like the scaling items introduced in Pathfinder RPG Pathfinder Unchained, save that each has a unique reward ability unlocked by attaining a goal related to the item’s original owner. These items represent famous possessions of specific individuals from the history of Golarion, so unlike typical magic items, they cannot be crafted, though they can still be destroyed normally.

Unyielding Aegis

Source Chronicle of Legends pg. 22
Slot shield; CL 10th; Weight 10 lbs.
Aura moderate abjuration

This shield is made from a thick glass that is as sturdy as steel. The shield functions as a +1 heavy steel shield. The former First Captain of the Risen Guard known as the Spearwoman of Sothis originally crafted the shield using glass from the nearby deserts. Legends claim that she originally perished attempting to hold off an uprising in Sothis, but her shield continued to defend innocents, animated by some unknown force. The Spearwoman reclaimed the shield after her resurrection and has since gifted the unyielding aegis to the Risen Guard who loan it to members about to embark on particularly dangerous tasks.

As an immediate action, the wielder of the unyielding aegis can raise the shield to intercept an attack targeting her or an ally within reach. The shield reduces the damage from the attack by 5, as if the target had DR 5/—. This does not damage the shield in any way.

3rd Level: The wielder gains a +2 bonus to Reflex saves.

7th Level: The unyielding aegis acts as a +2 animated heavy steel shield. The wielder can still activate the shield’s intercepting ability, even while it is animated.

11th Level: The unyielding aegis reduces damage from attacks by 10, as if the target had DR 10/—. In addition, the wielder’s bonus to Reflex saves increases to +4.

15th Level: The unyielding aegis acts as a +3 animated reflecting heavy steel shield.

19th Level: The unyielding aegis reduces damage from attacks by 15, as if the target had DR 15/—.

Goal: The wielder must prevent a total of 1,000 points of damage with the unyielding aegis.

Reward: The wielder can animate the unyielding aegis as if it had the animated special property for up to 1 minute at a time. While animated in this way, the wielder can command the shield to defend a creature within 30 feet as a swift action. The shield flies to that creature immediately, granting that creature the benefits of the shield as if it were wielding the shield. The original wielder of the shield can still spend her immediate action to use the shield to intercept attacks while the shield is defending a different creature.