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Ring of Revelation

Source Ultimate Equipment pg. 173, Advanced Player's Guide pg. 293
Aura moderate varies CL 11th
Slot ring; Price 10,000 gp (lesser), 16,000 gp (greater), 24,000 gp (superior); Weight


A ring of revelation is a divine item attuned to a particular oracular mystery and containing a revelation associated with that mystery (see the oracle class description). While wearing the ring, an oracle has access to that revelation and may use it as if she had it as a normal class feature. The oracle must have the appropriate mystery to use the ring, and must meet the level requirements (if any) of the revelation itself; for example, a ring of revelation (combat healer) is only usable by an oracle of at least 7th level with the battle mystery. If the oracle already has that revelation and the revelation gives an ability with a limited number of uses per day, the oracle can use that ability one additional time per day. The ring has no effect if worn by a non-oracle, and Use Magic Device doesn't allow a character to gain a revelation from this ring.

A lesser ring of revelation contains a revelation that has no level prerequisite or a prerequisite that is less than 6th level. A greater ring of revelation contains a revelation that requires the oracle to be 7th level or higher. A superior ring of revelation contains a revelation that requires the oracle to be 11th level or higher.


Requirements Forge Ring, creator must be an oracle with the desired revelation; Cost 5,000 gp (lesser), 8,000 gp (greater), 12,000 gp (superior)