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Ring of Mysticism

Source Psychic Anthology pg. 8
Aura moderate (no school) CL 11th
Slot ring; Price 20,000 gp (Type I), 40,000 gp (Type II), 70,000 gp (Type III), 100,000 gp (Type IV); Weight


This ring of bone fused with crystal comes in four varieties, all of them useful only to psychic spellcasters. The wearer’s number of psychic spells per day is doubled for one specific spell level. A ring of mysticism I doubles 1st-level spells, a ring of mysticism II doubles 2nd-level spells, a ring of mysticism III doubles 3rd-level spells, and a ring of mysticism IV doubles 4th-level spells. Bonus spells from high ability scores are not doubled.


Requirements Forge Ring, limited wish; Cost 10,000 gp (Type I), 20,000 gp (Type II), 35,000 gp (Type III), 50,000 gp (Type IV)