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Ring of Ectoplasmic Invigoration

Source Ultimate Equipment pg. 169
Aura moderate conjuration CL 6th
Slot ring; Price 12,000 gp; Weight


A summoner wearing a ring of ectoplasmic invigoration can use his maker’s call class feature to absorb his eidolon (dismissing it in the process) instead of bringing it to his side. He gains 2 temporary hit points per Hit Die of the eidolon and the benefits of a lesser restoration spell. T he eidolon must still be within range of his maker’s call ability. Any temporary hit points gained fade after 1 hour or when the eidolon is summoned again. A wearer with the transposition ability can transport himself to the eidolon’s square (still absorbing and dismissing it) rather than calling the eidolon to him.


Requirements Forge Ring, the creator must be able to summon an eidolon and have the maker’s call class feature; Cost 6,000 gp