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Unspeakable One's Vestments

Source Pathfinder #113: What Grows Within pg. 33
Aura strong varied CL 15th
Slot body; Weight 1 lb.


This robe functions much as a robe of stars, granting its wearer the luck bonus on saving throws, astral travel, and ability to create shuriken made of magically hardened gold. In addition, the wearer gains a +4 armor bonus to his AC.

The robe’s curse activates after 1 month of being worn regularly, or just as a creature whose patron is Hastur or Xhamen-Dor affects the wearer with a spell or special ability. The wearer loses his luck bonus on saving throws against such effects and instead takes a –4 penalty on those saves. While the curse persists, the wearer takes 1d4 points of Wisdom drain every time he uses the robe to access the Astral Plane, and the shuriken created are +5 anarchic shuriken. After another month of continuous use, the wearer permanently becomes chaotic evil and pursues increasingly delusional goals of domination, enrichment, or anarchy. Once donned, this robe can be removed only with a remove curse spell.


Requirements robe of stars; Cost