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Needful Doll

Source Horror Adventures pg. 226
Aura strong conjuration and illusion CL 13th
Slot none; Weight 1 lb.


When a humanoid creature picks up this ugly old doll, he triggers a horrible curse. Thereafter, the cursed doll considers that creature its owner. If the owner leaves the doll, it appears next to him the next time he sleeps.

The doll is vindictive. If the owner repeatedly tries to get rid of it or leaves it behind at home, it torments him with terrible nightmares in which everyone he trusts abandons him. If the owner destroys the doll, he has disturbing nightmares in which people he trusts murder him in gruesome ways. If the owner keeps the doll in a backpack or other closed container for much of the day, he has nightmares in which he slowly suffocates in a dark, cramped place.

The nightmares occur the next time the owner sleeps. This functions as per nightmare (DC 22); the doll is considered to have firsthand knowledge of the owner (or familiar knowledge if the owner has owned the doll for more than a week) and to have a body part. Regardless of how the owner abandons or destroys the doll, it returns the next night in the same condition as when the owner first found it. Using break enchantment or remove curse on the doll makes it unable to return for 1d4+1 days, though at that point, it returns as usual.

The doll is quick to forgive, however. If the owner treats it well for a day, carrying it openly and maintaining physical contact, the nightmares fade away until the doll feels that it has been mistreated again. The only certain way to get rid of or destroy the doll (short of miracle or wish) is to find someone who accepts it as a gift. If the owner dies, the curse is lifted, and the doll patiently waits until a new owner finds it, though if the previous owner returns from the dead before that time, the doll returns to his side.


Requirements anatomy doll (Ultimate Equipment 276), ganji dollOA, hexing doll; Cost