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Gug Hide

Source Planar Adventures pg. 47
Aura strong abjuration and transmutation CL 13th
Slot armor; Price 22,165 gp; Weight 25 lbs.


This grotesque suit of +1 hide armor is stitched together from the hides of gugs from the underworld of the Dreamlands and the nightmare realm of Leng. The wearer of a suit of gug hide gains the benefits of Leng’s basic infusion when in an underground environment. Once per day as a standard action, the wearer can cause his arms to each split into two arms at the elbow, each bearing a furred hand like that of a horrid subterranean gug. The wearer must designate one hand as his primary hand; all others are considered off hands. He can use any of his hands for other purposes that require free hands. A user who has Two Weapon Fighting is treated as if he had Multi-Weapon Fighting while these extra arms are activated. This ability lasts for 10 minutes and has no effect if the wearer already has more than two arms.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, alter self, limited wish; Price 11,165 gp