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Blackfingers Apron

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 250
Aura faint conjuration and transmutation CL 5th
Slot armor; Price 5,240 gp; Weight 15 lbs.


This +1 bitterUE leather armor looks much like a blacksmith’s apron or an alchemist’s smock, and has many small pockets suitable for holding extracts, potions, or poisons. Once per day, the wearer can use negate aromaAPG (lasting 1 hour). This effect suspends the armor’s bitter special ability if used on the wearer. Once per day, the wearer can pull a tanglefoot bag from one of the apron’s pockets, although the bag crumbles into dust if it is not used within 1 minute.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, negate aromaAPG, stinking cloud, web; Price 2,700 gp