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Spell-Like Ability Modification

Source Construct Handbook pg. 8
Type Basic; Cost See Text
Requirements None
CR Increase None


This modification allows a construct to cast a spell-like ability in a limited capacity. A spell-like ability chosen for this modification can be of any level, but it must be one that the construct’s creator can cast. The construct can cast the selected spell-like ability once per day. Using this modification, a construct’s creator can provide additional castings of the same spell-like ability by paying the cost for that spell multiple times. For example, a construct can gain the ability to cast fireball three times per day if the creator pays for the cost of the spell-like ability three times. A construct’s Hit Dice limit the total amount of spell-like abilities it can gain from this modification. A construct can gain only a number of spell levels through this modification up to a total equal to its Hit Dice. Following the above example, the construct requires at least 9 Hit Dice to cast fireball three times per day. The cost for adding a spell like ability is equal to 3,000 gp per spell level of the spell. For the purposes of this cost, a 0-level spell has a spell level of 1/2.