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Construct Armor

Source Ultimate Magic pg. 114
Type Complex; Cost 35,000 gp
Requirements Craft Construct, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, animate objects, the construct modified must be the same size as the creator
CR Increase +1


This modification allows the construct to be worn like armor by its creator. So long as the creator wears it, the construct performs no independent actions, remaining under the control of the creator, and any attacks directed at the wearer damage the construct. When a construct is destroyed while serving as armor, the wearer loses all the benefits, but retains all the hindrances until the armor is removed, which takes the same amount of time that removing breastplate armor does. If the construct is still active, the creator can order the removal of the armor with a swift action, at which point the construct leaves the creator’s space and enters a space adjacent to the creator. Donning construct armor takes a full-round action if the construct is still active. The creator cannot don a construct with this modification if the construct has been destroyed.

The construct’s wearer retains his base attacks and saves. Construct armor counts as breastplate armor for purposes of determining AC, weight, Dexterity modifiers to AC, and chance of arcane spell failure.