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Spiritualist Class Details | Archetypes

Spiritualist Archetypes

Drowned ChannelerClass Skills; Phantom; Shared Consciousness; Etheric Tether; Bonded Manifestation; Bonded Senses; Detect Undead; Calm Spirit; See Invisibility; Call SpiritWhen a drowned spirit doomed to a watery grave descends toward the evil of undeath and seeks refuge in a mortal shell, the result is an unusual spiritualist with powers that resonate with the drowned spirit’s demise.
EctoplasmatistEtheric Tether; Phantom; Shared Consciousness; Fused Consciousness; Spiritual Bond; Empowered Consciousness; Bonded Manifestation; Phantom Recall; Dual Bond; Spiritual Interference; Greater Spiritual InterferenceInstead of calling upon a phantom from the Ethereal Plane, an ectoplasmatist infuses herself with the mysterious substance called ectoplasm.
ExciterPhantom; Emotional Focus; Phantom Recall; Etheric Tether; Bonded Senses; Spiritual Bond; Spiritual Interference; Fused Consciousness; Spiritual Interference; The phantom that accompanies the exciter fills him with unbridled exultation, as he lets feeling and passion rule and sharpen his mind and body into a glorious fusion.
Fated GuideAntagonistic; Bonded Manifestation; See Invisibility; Call SpiritNot all phantoms are restless dead escaping the afterlife. On rare occasions, Pharasma returns a judged soul to the Material Plane—linking the spirit to a devout believer—to complete some final task, make amends for a crime, or grant a sharply divided soul a second chance.
Fractured MindSpellcasting; Detect Undead; Calm Spirit; See Invisibility; Call SpiritMost spiritualists harbor the spirits of the deceased in their psyches, but a small number of them—known as fractured minds—draw their powers instead from a fraction of their own souls that resonates with extremely powerful emotions.
Geist ChannelerPhantom; Emotional Focus; Bonded ManifestationSome phantoms retain less of their personalities and memories than others. Though most phantoms maintain some semblance of their former selves, others of their kind, known as geists, came close to being lost forever before they became phantoms.
Grim ApostlePhantom; Emotional Focus; Shared Consciousness; Fused ConsciousnessSome devotees of the Four Horsemen can form spiritual manifestations of the daemonic demigods.
Hag-HauntedPhantom; Shared Consciousness; Fused Consciousness; Spells; Spiritual Interference; Greater Spiritual InterferenceA hag who dies with a curse on her breath is often anchored to the Ethereal Plane by the power of her hatred— similar to vile and angry mortal souls—and some even claw their way back to the living world through the souls of those they despised or ruined... or those unfortunate souls they birthed. Hag-haunted spiritualists are tethered to these spiteful spirits, anchoring them once again in the world of the living.
HauntedBonded Manifestation; Dual BondThe haunted are a dangerous breed of spellcasters bound to temperamental and unpredictable phantoms that leech power from their spiritualists.
InvolutionistSpellcasting; Phantom; Emotional Focus; Bonded Manifestation; Detect Undead, 11th, 15th, 17th-level uses of Calm SpiritRather than bond with an existing spirit as most Rivethun eventually do, the involutionist creates a spirit from a piece of her own soul.
NecrologistAlignment; Share Consciousness; Share Spells; 5th, 13th-level slam damage increase; Devotion; Bonded Manifestation; Spiritual Interference; Greater Spiritual InterferenceThe vile spiritualists known as necrologists reach toward the Negative Energy Plane and for whatever evil purpose, they bring back malevolent spirits whose passions have turned to vengeance and hate for all life.
OnmyojiSpellcasting; Shared Consciousness; Fused Consciousness; Spiritual Interference; Greater Spiritual InterferenceThough most spiritualists are chosen by their phantoms, others deliberately call phantoms to them through years of careful preparation and study in obscure divine traditions.
Phantom BladeWeapon and Armor Proficiencies; Phantom; Phantom Recall; Spiritual Bond; Dual Bond; Etheric Tether; Shared Consciousness; Fused Consciousness; Empowered Consciousness; Bonded Senses; Bonded Manifestation; Spiritual Interference; Greater Spiritual Interference A small selection of spiritualists are connected to spirits of combat and warfare, and manifest a weapon instead of a phantom.
Plague EaterPhantom; Shared Consciousness; Spiritual Interference; Detect Undead; Calm Spirit; See Invisibility; Fused Consciousness; Greater Spiritual Interference; Call SpiritA plague eater bears the weight of many souls within her consciousness, spirits that remember the devastation of disease and seek to protect their host from infections, cleanse others of plague, and use disease itself as a weapon.
Priest of the FallenPhantom; Shared Consciousness; Bonded Manifestation; Phantom Recall; Fused Consciouness; Dual Bond; Empowered ConsciousnessA priest of the fallen is a spiritualist who channels her land’s legends and provides a vessel for mighty heroes to perform heroic acts once more.
QuintessentialistSpellcasting; PhantomThe quintessentialist learns to project her best self—her exemplar—as an independent being, but in doing so leaves only the weakest and basest aspects behind in her body.
ScourgeSpiritual Interference; Devotion; Calm Spirit; Greater Spiritual InterferenceScourges are students of pain and have a rare connection to tormented and wracked spirits.
Seeker of EnlightenmentShared Consciousness; Detect Undead; Calm Spirit; See Invisibility; Fused Consciousness; Call SpiritSometimes a spiritualist is so haunted by a past life’s failure to reach enlightenment that the past life is reborn not as a new creature but as a phantom in a spiritualist’s consciousness.
Shadow CallerPhantom; Emotional Focus; Shared Consciousness; Etheric Tether; Phantom Recall; See Invisibility; Fused Consciousness; Empowered ConsciousnessWhile most spiritualists form a bond with the remnants of a creature’s soul, some explore ways to bind ephemeral shadows to their own souls in exchange for power.
Soul WardenPhantom; Etheric Tether; Shared Consciousness; Spiritual Interference; Fused Consciousness; Greater Spiritual Interference; Bonded Senses; Phantom Recall; Bonded Manifestation; Dual Bond; Empowered Consciousness Soul wardens have helped their phantoms pass on and have become wardens of the soulstream, serving Pharasma and working with psychopomps to protect vulnerable souls from those who seek to capture, corrupt, or devour them.
Totem SpiritualistPhantom; Shared Consiousness; See Invisibility; Dual BondThese specialized spiritualists call upon phantoms that are manifestations of animals and personifications of nature.
Usher of Lost SoulsBonded Senses; Spiritual Interference; Greater Spiritual Interference; See Invisibility; Spiritual BondUshers of lost souls are spiritualists who focus on bringing the souls of the dead to their final judgments at the end of the River of Souls.
Ward SpiritualistPhantom; Spellcasting; Bonded Senses; Phantom Recall; Greater Spiritual InterferenceA ward spiritualist ventures into the wilderness and petitions a kami to help her in her travels, either taking an existing ward with her or becoming the kami’s new ward.
Zeitgeist BinderPhantom; Detect Undead; Calm Spirit; See Invisibility; Call Spirit; Bonded Senses; Fused ConsciousnessZeitgeist binders channel the emotional connections of a group of people into a unique phantom that personifies a community.