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Samurai Archetypes

Brawling BlademasterWeapon and Armor Proficiency; Mount; Weapon Expertise; Mounted Archer; Banner; Greater BannerBrawling blademaster samurai use weapon strikes and unarmed attacks in equal measure
Ironbound SwordWeapon Expertise; Banner; Greater BannerThe ironbound sword’s fighting style, focused on incapacitating opponents rather than killing them, can subdue a foe without causing permanent harm, leaving the soul of the samurai unstained by deaths of her enemies.
Soverign BladeAlignment; Mount; Mounted Archer; 6th, 12th, 18th-level bonus feats In Tian Xia, many samurai are tutored in the ways of honor using lessons that originate from sovereign dragons and their dedication to safeguarding harmony.
Sword SaintSamurai's Mount; Mounted Charge; Banner; Greater BannerSword saints hail from lands where samurai are prevalent, and are often ronin who wander the world seeking new challenges to perfect their intricate style of swordplay called iaijutsu.
Ward SpeakerAlignment; Resolve; Greater Resolve; True Resolve; Honorable StandThe ward speaker draws power from simple rituals to honor the spirits found throughout the world so that he might better protect those entrusted to his care.
Warrior PoetWeapon and Armor Proficiency; Mount; Weapon Expertise; Banner; Greater Banner; Challenge; Mounted Archer; Demanding Challange; Bonus Combat FeatsWarrior poets often study calligraphy, flower arrangement, poetry, and other courtly arts, but when called to battle, they treat combat as its own art form, fighting with beauty and grace.
YojimboMount; Weapon Expertise; Mounted ArcherYojimbo are highly trained bodyguards favored by the nobles and warlords of distant Minkai.