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Paladin Archetypes

Banishing WardenClass Skills; 3rd-level Mercy The banishing warden is an expert at fighting all types of evil outsiders and sending them back to their native planes.
Champion of the CascadeArmor Proficiency; Class Skills; Divine Health; Mercy; Divine BondChampions of the cascade are paladins who defend the freedom and purity of waterways, protecting the very existence of the civilizations they belong to.
Chaos KnightLay on Hands; Mercy; Aura of Faith(Ganzi only) Despite the entropic forces inherent in ganzis, some forgo a life of chaos, instead harnessing their heritage to enforce the power of law
Chosen OneDivine Bond; Class Skills; Divine Grace; Smite Evil; Lay on Hands; Channel Positive EnergyMost paladins train for years at a temple to attain a holy status, but rarely, an emissary of the divine appears to one of humble origins and calls her directly to the charge.
Combat Healer SquireDetect Evil; Divine Grace; Divine HealthThe combat healer squire is always ready with bandages and potions.
Divine DefenderMercy; Divine BondSome paladins see themselves as the last line of defense between the teeming hordes of evil and the innocent folk trying to make a living in a harsh, unforgiving world.
Divine GuardianSpellcasting; Detect Evil; Lay on Hands; Aura of CourageThe divine guardian devotes herself to the protection and guardianship of one creature at a time, be that her liege lord, an allied cleric, or an innocent facing overwhelming danger at the hands of evil.
Divine HunterHeavy Armor Proficiency; Aura of Courage; Divine Bond; 6th-level Mercy; Aura of Resolve; Aura of Justice; Aura of RighteousnessThe divine hunter prefers to engage evil from afar, striking down her foes before they can threaten her allies.
Dusk KnightClass Skills; Smite Evil; Channel Positive Energy; Divine Bond; Aura of Resolve; Aura of JusticeSome paladins focus their training to combat the shadows and use darkness to their advantage.
Empyreal KnightDivine Grace; Mercy; Lay on Hands; Channel Positive Energy; Divine Bond; Holy ChampionThe empyreal knight dedicates her life to serving the celestial beings that guide mortals in their struggle toward the light.
Faithful WandererClass Skills; Detect Evil; Aura of Good; Aura of Justice; Aura of Courage; Aura of Resolve; Aura of Faith; Aura of Righteousness; Smite Evil; Divine Bond; Holy ChampionA faithful wanderer is self-sufficient and unobtrusive and learns to pick her battles carefully, lest her mission end abruptly in a blaze of glory
Forest PreserverClass Skills; Aura of Courage; Divine Health; Channel Positive Energy; Aura of Resolve; Aura of Justice; Aura of FaithForest preservers are sacred defenders of the woodlands and of the wild creatures and natural beauty within them.
Forgefather's SeekerDeity; Detect Evil; Smite Evil; Aura of Justice; Aura of Faith; Holy ChampionTorag sends his seekers to locate constructs that are used for evil or that become uncontrollable
Ghost HunterSmite Evil; 6th and 9th-level MerciesGhost hunters devote their lives to eliminating malevolent spirits and putting them to rest.
Gray PaladinAlignment Restriction; Code of Conduct; Aura of Good; Class Skills; Smite Evil; Divine Grace; Aura of Courage; Aura of Resolve; Aura of Rightousness; Divine Health; Channel Positive Energy; Aura of JusticeGray paladins have discovered that in a world of intrigue, a strict code of honor hinders their options
Holy GuideClass Skills; 3rd and 6th-level MerciesA holy guide believes that it’s his sacred calling to clear the roads of bandits between towns as well as to escort travelers to safety.
Holy GunWeapon/Armor Proficiency; Detect Evil; Smite Evil; Divine BondNot all paladins are knights in shining armor. Holy guns roam the world searching for evil. And where they find it, they put it down.
Holy TacticianSmite Evil; Divine Health; Divine Bond; Aura of Courage; Aura of Resolve; Aura of Justice; Holy ChampionThe holy tactician inspires her allies on the field of battle.
HospitalerSmite Evil; Channel Positive Energy; Aura of JusticePaladins are known for their charity and for tending to the sick. The hospitaler takes to this calling above all others, spending much of her time healing the poor, and giving aid and succor to those in need.
Hunting PaladinClass Skills; Armor Proficiencies; Smite Evil; Detect Evil; Spells; Aura of ResolveHunting paladins are tenacious trackers and stealthy stalkers in pursuit of evildoers.
InvigoratorSmite Evil; Aura of Justice; Holy ChampionInvigorators devote themselves to keeping their allies bodily whole by bolstering their health and spirits.
Iomedaen EnforcerClass Skills; Detect Evil; Smite Evil; Aura of Faith; Aura of Righteousness; Holy ChampionIomedaean enforcers have altered abilities that allow them to stand against the forces of chaos.
Iroran PaladinClass Skills; Weapon/Armor Proficiency; Aura of Good; Detect Evil; Smite Evil; Aura of Courage; Channel Positive Energy; Divine Bond; Aura of JusticeIroran paladins meditate on self-perfection and train relentlessly, knowing that their example can inspire others to excel.
Knight of CoinsClass Skills; Skill Ranks; Detect Evil; 3rd, 9th, 15th-level MercyKnights of coins promote fair trade and stable commerce between cities and between nations.
Kraken SlayerSmite Evil; Divine Health; Divine Bond; Aura of FaithTriton kraken slayers oppose all underwater threats, but they especially target the tentacled monstrosities called krakens.
LegateMercyThough they hold to the same strict paladin code, legates present themselves not as armed crusaders, but as peaceful envoys and advisors, bringing wisdom garnered from the long, stable history of their nation.
MartyrSmite Evil; Divine Grace; Aura of Courage; Aura of Resolve; Aura of Righteousness; Divine Health; Lay on Hands; MercyMartyrs shoulder the blackest suffering of the world onto themselves in order to help others and inspiring their allies to achieve heights of valor rather than seeking the glory for themselves.
Mind SwordLay on Hands; Mercy; Channel Positive EnergyVeterans of mystical battles against demons of the Worldwound, mind swords merge psychic and divine power, probing and cleansing minds while their telekinetic blades cleave demonic flesh.
Pearl SeekerArmor Proficiency; Class Skills; Detect Evil; Aura of Courage; Aura of Resolve; Spells; Divine Bond; Channel EnergySome paladins are called to their faith by strange empathic visions and dreams that beckon them to the oceans and beyond.
RedeemerSmite Evil; Detect Evil; Aura of Resolve; Aura of Justice(Half-Orc Only) As most half-orcs are outcasts, a half-orc paladin recognizes that often those who are monstrous are not necessarily evil and that sometimes even those who are evil became that way because of circumstances and misfortune.
Sacred ServantSmite Evil; Divine Bond; Aura of ResolvePaladins as a general rule, venerate the gods of good and purity, but some take this a step further, dedicating themselves to a specific deity and furthering the cause of the faith.
Sacred ShieldSmite Evil; Channel Positive Energy; Divine Bond; Aura of Justice; Holy ChampionWhen faced by evil, the sacred shield reaches first not for a weapon, but for her trusty shield. With her faith, she can ward others from harm.
Scion of TalmandorClass Skills; Divine Grace; Divine Bond; Aura of Resolve; Aura of JusticeA scion of Talmandor serve by offering assistance to the oppressed and facilitating the peaceful transfer of power from the few to the many.
Shining KnightDivine Health; Aura of JusticeWhile paladins often are seen mounted atop a loyal steed, the shining knight is the true symbol of mounted bravery.
Silver ChampionDivine Bond; Channel Energy; Aura of Justice; Aura of Righteousness; Spells Drake-riding paladins who serve as priests of Apsu.
Soul Sentinel6th, 12th-level Mercy; Aura of JusticeSoul sentinels use the strength of their resolve to stem the tide of corruption and insanity, as they believe that the greatest tragedy is a soul lost to evil when it was within their power to save it.
StonelordSmite Evil; Divine Grace; 3rd, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th-level Mercies; Spells; Channel Positive Energy; Divine Bond; Aura of Justice; Holy Champion(Dwarf Only) A stonelord is a devoted sentinel of dwarven enclaves, drawing the power of the earth and ancient stone to protect her people.
Sword of ValorDivine Grace; 6th-level Mercy; Aura of JusticeA paladin who chooses to follow in Iomedae's footsteps can become a sword of valor.
Tempered ChampionSpellcastingTempered champions are trained in the Tempering Hall in Absalom to master their deities’ favored weapons.
Temple ChampionSpells; Divine Bond; Aura of JusticeA temple champion is a powerful warrior dedicated to a good or lawful deity. She thinks of herself primarily as a servant of her deity and secondarily as an agent of her deity’s church.
Tortured CrusaderKey Ability Score; Skills; Detect Evil; Divine Grace; Smite Evil; Lay on Hands; Channel Energy; Divine Bond; Aura of Courage; Aura of Resolve; Aura of Faith; Aura of Righteousness; Aura of Justice ; Lay on HandsThough tortured crusaders may be beaten and battered, body, mind, and soul, they still somehow continue through torment and hardship. Despite setbacks and impossible odds, they shine like candles even in the darkest times
Tranquil GuardianSmite Evil; Aura of Courage; Divine Bond; Aura of Resolve; Aura of Justice; Holy Champion(Aasimar Only) A tranquil guardian is a missionary of peace and tranquility, a soothing voice of succor in a violent and dangerous world.
Undead ScourgeAura of Resolve; Aura of JusticeUndead are an abomination in the eyes of the just and righteous. It is no surprise then that there are some paladins that dedicate themselves to wiping these unholy terrors from the world.
Vindictive BastardAura; Detect Evil; Smite Evil; Divine Grace; Lay on Hands; Divine Health; Mercy; Channel Energy; Divine Bond; Aura of Justice; Aura of Faith; Aura of Righteousness; Holy Champion {Ex-paladin archetype) A vindictive bastard is a paladin that strikes out for retribution and revenge, far more interested in tearing down those who have harmed her or her companions than furthering a distant deity’s cause.
Virtuous BravoArmor Proficiency; Smite Evil; Mercy; SpellcastingVirtuous bravos rely on their wit and grace rather than might and strong armor.
Warrior of the Holy LightSpellcasting; Aura of FaithSome paladins use their gifts to focus on the holy light that shines within their souls.
Wilderness WardenClass Skills; Divine Grace; Smite Evil; Aura of Courage; 3rd, 9th, 15th-level Mercy; Spells; Aura of Resolve; Aura of Justice Wilderness wardens are vigilant guardians of natural places of all kinds, from mountain peaks to tangled thickets.