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Occultist Archetypes

Ancestral AspirantClass Skills; Implements; Object Reading; Outside ContactIt is common for a noble to possess a deep pride for his family’s past, but when such self-importance gives way to obsession, an ancestral aspirant is born.
Battle HostClass Skills; Weapon/Armor Proficiency; Implements; Mental Focus; Spellcasting; Implement Mastery; Magic Item Skill; Object Reading; Shift Focus; Magic Circles; Binding Circles; Fast Circles; Aura Sight; Outside ContactWell versed in military history, battlefield lore, and the occult, a battle host forms a supernatural bond with a chosen weapon, suit of armor, or shield, from which he can channel psychic energy to cast spells, conjure the spirit of the object’s former owner, increase his own physical might, and produce a number of other remarkable abilities.
Construct Collector3rd, 9th, 15th-level Focus Power; Magic Circles; Outside Contact; Binding Circles; Fast CirclesConstruct collectors draw out a construct's spiritual presence and use it to gain unlikely power in the battlefield.
CuratorImplements; 3rd-level Focus Power; Shift Focus; Outsider Contact; Magic Circles; Binding Circles; Fast CirclesMost occultists acquire and study antiques at a steady pace, learning new techniques one at a time. A lucky few join wealthy organizations replete with relics or inherit undocumented vaults full of historical treasures, and dabble in a wide variety of implements while mastering few
Esoteric InitiateMental Focus; Implements; Shift Focus; Aura SightWhile most occultists learn to draw power from a variety of implements and objects, esoteric initiates have focused their study entirely on items of antiquity connected to the teachings of the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye, believing such items to be more powerful than mundane items.
Extemporaneous ChannelerWeapon Proficiencies; Mental Focus; Shift Focus; Magic Circles; Outside Contact; Binding Circles; Fast CirclesExtemporaneous channelers study the power of transformation and use items in unintended ways to awaken their potential.
GeomancerClass Skills; Mental Focus; Implements; Magic Item Skill; Aura Sight; 7th and 13th-level Focus PowersA geomancer studies every type of land, deriving power from the differences between types of terrain.
Haunt CollectorImplements; Aura Sight; Outside Contact; Magic Circles; Binding Circles; Fast CirclesHaunt collectors use items haunted by their former owners to create ghostly presences imbued with psychic power.
NaturalistClass Skills; Mental Focus; Magic Circles; Fast Circles; Outside Contact; Binding CirclesA naturalist eschews the contact with outsiders that other occultists use as the core of their work. Instead, he attunes his mind to the natural spirits that exist everywhere, just out of sight for the unawakened mind.
NecroccultistImplements; Implement Mastery; Object Reading; Aura Sight; Outside ContactNecroccultists’ fascination with death and the undead drives them to explore the forbidden necromantic arts as they search for secrets they can use to manipulate the natural cycle of life and death.
Occult HistorianObject Reading; Aura Sight; 3rd-level Focus Power; Outside Contact 2, 3, and 4Many wilderness areas contain the remnants of ancient civilizations, with some waiting to be discovered and some held by fierce monsters or devious cults. An occult historian seeks these ruins not only for their esoteric artifacts but also to learn the structures’ secrets.
Panoply SavantShift Focus; Outside Contact; Magic Circles; Binding Circles; Fast CirclesSome occultists specialize in a particular panoply, fully dedicating themselves to mastering the secrets of the psychic resonance of each of its component implements, as well as the way they interact with one another.
Planar HarmonizerImplements; Implement Mastery; Magic Item Skill; Shift Focus; 5th, 7th-level Focus Power; Magic Circles; Aura SightPlanar harmonizers are masters of the planar symphony, forging bonds with tuning forks to unlock the true potential of these instruments
PsychodermistClass Skills; Implements; Magic Item Skill; Object Reading; Aura Sight; Outside Contact; Binding Circles; Fast CirclesRather than tapping the psychic energy residing within esoteric items, psychodermists form supernatural bonds with trophies taken from creatures they have slain. Through these mementos, these occultists manifest not only their own magic, but also the unique powers of their fallen foes.
ReliquarianWeapon Proficiencies; Spells; Focus Powers; Implements; Knacks; Mental FocusNot all occultists derive their power from psychic impressions left on objects. Some find faith first, and draw out the divine potential in religious relics.
Secret BrokerClass Skills; Implements; Implement Mastery; Magic Item Skill; Shift Focus; Magic Circles; Binding Circles; Fast CirclesWhether as spymasters, extortionists, political fixers, or puppet masters, secret brokers use their talents with objects to gain information, then leverage that information for their own purposes.
Sha'irImplements; Mental Focus; Spellcasting; Implement Mastery; Magic Item Skill; Object Reading; Aura Sight; Outside ContactSha’irs delve into the occult not through power over objects but instead via their connection with minor servitor genies from the elemental planes.
SilkswornSpellcasting; Class Skills; Knacks; Implements; Weapon and Armor Proficiency; Outside Contact; Magic Circles; Binding Circles; Fast Circles; Implement MasterySilksworn draw their power from wearing luxurious garments and can be found in many noble courts throughout Golarion
Talisman CrafterImplements; Magic Item Skill; Object Reading; Shift Focus; Aura Sight; 5th, 17th-level Focus Powers Talisman crafters specialize- in the creation of seals, constructing master talismans to use as implements and inscribing wards with esoteric geometry.
Tome EaterImplements; Mental Focus; Spellcasting; Implement Mastery; Shift Focus; 6th-level Implement; Magic Circles; Outside Contact; Binding Circles; Fast Circles; Aura SightTome eaters have learned how to tap into the latent psychic energy of the written word by physically devouring books and scrolls to create magical effects and gain mystical insights.