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Magus Archetypes

Armored BattlemageSpell Combat; Arcane Pool; 3rd, 18th-level Magus Arcana; Improved Spell Combat; Greater Spell CombatArmored battlemages learn to move and cast spells in even the most restrictive armors, and have developed new methods to magically enhance their armor.
Beastblade3rd-level Magus Arcana; Spell Recall; Knowledge Pool; Improved Spell RecallBeastblade magi work in tandem with their familiars, using spell, steel, and claw to clear the battlefield of foes.
BladeboundArcane Pool; 3rd-level Magus ArcanaA select group of magi are called to carry a black blade—a sentient weapon of often unknown and possibly unknowable purpose.
Card CasterArcane Pool; Spellstrike; 3rd-level ArcanaThe card caster is an ancient, martial offshoot of the traditional harrower, learning to not only draw power from the harrow, but also to invest each card with deadly power.
Deep MarshalArmor Proficiencies; Medium Armor; Heavy Armor; Spellcasting; Arcane Pool; Spell Combat; Spellstrike; 3rd-level Magus ArcanaLargely unseen by visitors, the deep marshals have survived into the modern era as keepers, protectors, and repairers of the myriad of stony passages that travel around, through, and under the Five Kings Mountains.
Eldritch ArcherClass Skills; Arcane Pool; Spell Combat; Spellstrike; CounterstrikeThe eldritch archer rains magical attacks down on her foes from the city walls.
Eldritch ScionSpells; Spell Recall; Arcane Pool; Spell Combat; Knowledge Pool; Improved Spell Combat; Greater Spell CombatUnlike typical magi, eldritch scions do not study tomes of magic or spend time learning to combine martial and magical skills. Rather, eldritch scions find that their spells and abilities come to them instinctively.
Elemental KnightSpell Recall(Suli Only) Elemental knights are born with elemental energies surging through their blood and discover the secret of reconciling and focusing this primal power into the arcane.
EsotericWeapon/Armor Proficiency; Spellcasting; Arcane Pool; Spellstrike; Spell Recall; Bonus Feats; Medium Armor; Heavy Armor; Improved Spell RecallEsoterics are drawn to the mysticism of the occult and spend their lives delving into forgotten texts and forbidden tomes.
Fiend FlayerNone(Tiefling Only) Some tiefling magi can tap the dark energy of their fiendish blood to enhance their arcane and combat talents.
Greensting SlayerArcane Pool; Medium Armor; Heavy ArmorThe blending of martial prowess with elven magic has long been a staple of the Blackash Training Grounds in Erages. More than a few who study at Erages Academy follow this path because of the promises of wealth that the city’s criminal element makes toward practiced brawlers and smugglers.
HexbreakerSpell Recall; Improved Spell RecallHexbreakers—sometimes called witch-hammers for their proclivity toward warhammers—have borne witness to the damage of unrestrained arcane power and hone their own arcane arts to battle such abuse.
HexcrafterSpell RecallA hexcrafter magus has uncovered the secret of using his arcane pool to recreate witch hexes.
Iron-Ring StrikerWeapon Proficiency; Arcane Pool; Spellstrike; 5th-level Bonus Feat; Medium Armor; Heavy Armor; Knowledge Pool; CounterstrikePractitioners of this martial art, powered by arcane magic, wear an iron ring on the finger of one hand.
Jistkan ArtificerSpells; Arcane Pool; Cantrips; 3rd-level Magus Arcana; SpellstrikeAs part of studying the secret methods the original Jistkan artificers used to build golems, these magi graft construct parts onto their own arms.
Kapenia DancerWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; Diminished SpellcastingThe kapenia dancer laces their deadly scarves with powerful magic.
KensaiWeapon/Armor Proficiency; Spells; Spell Recall; Knowledge Pool; Medium Armor; 9th-level Arcana; Improved Spell Recall; Heavy Armor; True MagusA kensai spends his life focusing his training and meditation into a rapturous perfection of the use of a single weapon, which is usually but not always a sword, channeling his arcane might through it in a dizzying and deadly dance beyond the abilities of even the greatest of mundane warriors.
Magic WarriorClass Skills; 3rd-level Magus Arcana; Improved Spell Combat; Greater Spell Combat; Greater Spell AccessTrained in a tradition stretching back to Old-Mage Jatembe’s Ten Magic Warriors, magic warriors renounce their identities to master magical might and serve as champions of culture and learning across the Mwangi Expanse and beyond.
MindbladeSpellcasting; Arcane Pool; Spell Recall; Knowledge Pool; Improved Spell Recall; Greater Spell Combat; Greater Spell Access; Medium Armor; Improved Spell Combat; Heavy ArmorA mindblade blends psychic talent and martial skill to lethal effect. By forming weapons with her mind, she always has the right tool for any situation.
MyrmidarchSpells; Spell Recall; Improved Spell Recall; 6th, 12th, 18th-level Magus Arcana; Knowledge Pool; Improved Spell Combat; Greater Spell Combat; True MagusThe myrmidarch is a skilled specialist, using magic to supplement and augment his martial mastery.
Nature-Bonded MagusArcane Pool; Spell Recall; Knowledge Pool; Improved Spell RecallA nature-bonded magus synergizes arcane magic and the divine magic traditions of druids into a deadly synthesis.
PuppetmasterSkills; Knowledge Pool; Greater Spell Access; Arcane Pool; Spell Combat; Improved Spell Combat; Greater Spell Combat; Spellstrike; Fighter Training; Counterstrike; Medium Armor; Heavy Armor; True MagusPuppetmasters focus on using charm and illusion spells to control the senses of those for whom they perform.
SigilusSpellstrike; Medium Armor; Heavy ArmorA sigilus manipulates the discoveries of wizards and other more sagacious Cyphermages, using those findings to create special sigils that allow her to transfer spell effects into different objects for later use.
SkirnirSpells; Spell Combat; Spell Recall; Knowledge Pool; Improved Spell Combat; Greater Spell Combat; Greater Spell Access; CounterstrikeSometimes called a shield-vassal or shieldmaiden, the skirnir has learned to infuse his power into his shield.
Sorrowblade3rd, 12th-level Magus Arcana; Speed Weapon PropertyA magus who has suffered greatly over the course ofher life can learn to channel that misery into her weapon and inflict it on others.
Soul ForgerSpells; Knowledge Pool; Spell Recall; Improved Spell Recall; Counterstrike; Greater Spell AccessThe soul forger has learned the skill of infusing the raw magical essence of his soul into armaments of surpassing power, combining the mystic arts with the arts of war in a unity of steely perfection.
Spell DancerArcane Pool; 5th-level Bonus Feat; Medium Armor; Heavy Armor(Elf Only) Many elven magi do not consider themselves masters of a blend of martial and magical talents, but rather a sub-category of wizards who study the effect of physical movement and techniques upon spellcasting ability.
Spell TrapperClass Skills; Spell Recall; Fighter TrainingSpell trappers forsake much of their arcane skill and martial knowledge in exchange for the ability to conjure magical traps to hinder their foes.
SpellbladeSpellstrikeA spellblade magus can manifest a ghostly blade of force that can be used as an off-hand weapon.
Spire DefenderWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; Spell RecallMagi who train themselves to accompany sages and archaeologists venturing into the Mordant Spire become spire defenders.
Staff MagusWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; Medium Armor; Heavy Armor; Fighter TrainingWhile most magi use a one-handed weapon as their melee implement of choice, one group of magi uses the quarterstaff instead.