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Investigator Class Details | Talents | Archetypes

Investigator Archetypes

AntiquarianAlchemy; Poison Lore; Poison Resistance; Poison Immunity; Swift AlchemyAntiquarians are collectors, explorers, and scholars who delve into ruined places in search of lost lore and artifacts.
Bonded InvestigatorPoison Lore; Poison Resistance; Poison Immunity; 4th-level Studied Strike, 7th-level Investigator TalentBonded investigators use intelligent familiars to assist them in their investigations.
CartographerPoison Lore; Poison Resistance; Keen Recollection; Swift AlchemyCartographers are eager trailblazers who explore uncharted terrain, study landmarks, and find new paths through the wilderness.
CipherClass Skills; Inspiration; Trapfinding; Poison Lore; Poison Resistance; Poison Immunity; Trap SenseSwift Alchemy; 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th-level Investigator Talent; Studied StrikeA cipher trains himself to remain undetected and ignored in order to conduct his investigations without opposition or bothersome questions
ConspiratorTrapfinding; Inspiration; Trap Sense; 7th-level Investigator TalentA conspirator uses his knowledge of investigations to make sure he avoids any investigations that his rivals perform.
Cryptid ScholarPoison Lore; Poison Resistance; Studied Combat; Studied Strike Cryptid scholars research monsters that lurk secretly at the edge of civilization, developing a deep expertise regarding their anatomy, habits, and ecology.
Cult HunterTrapfinding; Poison Resistance; Poison Immunity; Poison Lore; Trap Sense; Swift Alchemy; Studied Combat Studied Strike; 7th, 13th-level Investigator Talent Cult hunters seek out heretical secret societies, purging their ideological taint and banishing summoned servants.
Dread InvestigatorInspiration; Studied Combat; Studied Strike; Poison Lore; Poison Resistance; Poison Immunity; 7th, 13th, and 19th-level TalentsThe dread investigator observes human behavior after the fact, honing their intuition by delving into the mysteries of death.
EmpiricistPoison Lore; Poison Resistance; Swift Alchemy; True InspirationChampions of deductive reasoning and logical insight, empiricists put their faith in facts, data, confirmed observations, and consistently repeatable experiments—these things are their currency of truth.
EngineerTrapfinding; Poison Lore; Poison Resistance; Trap SenseA number of investigators use their vast knowledge to build machines that replicate the intricacies of the world
Forensic PhysicianInspiration; Trapfinding; Trap Sense; 3rd, 5th-level Investigator TalentA forensic physician specializes in analyzing medical details in order to solve crimes and uncover evidence.
GravediggerWeapon and Armor Proficiency; Alchemy; Trapfinding; Trap Sense; Poison Resistance; Poison Immunity; Studied Combat; Studied Strike; Swift AlchemyGravediggers pursue long buried mysteries, figuratively and literally digging up the truth and finding answers to secrets only moldering corpses and dry bones can tell.
Guardian of ImmortalityPoison Lore; Poison Resistance; 7th, 13th-level Investigator Talent; Poison ImmunityGuardians of immortality are Thuvian investigators charged with hunting down those who would attempt to steal or learn for themselves the secret to creating the sun orchid elixir.
HallucinistTrapfinding; Trap Sense; 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 15th-level Investigator Talent; Poison Lore' Poison Resistance; Poison Immunity; Keen Recollection; Studied CombatA hallucinist imbibes magical drugs to expand his mind into the psychedelic world, extending his awareness to things he could not normally perceive.
Holomog DemolitionistPoison Lore; Poison Resistance; 3rd, 9th-level Investigator Talent; Studied TargetHolomog is an ancient nation built on even more ancient ruins. Its renowned civil engineers develop skills that allow them to take full advantage of their environments.
InfiltratorTrapfinding; Poison Lore; Poison ResistanceAn infiltrator specializes in investigating or disrupting groups from within.
JinyiweiInspiration; Alchemy; Trapfinding; Trap Sense; Swift AlchemyJinyiwei are a special task force of secret police whose mission is to root out, expose, and counteract their government’s existing wrongdoing.
LamplighterClass Skills; Poison Lore; Poison Resistance; Poison Immunity; Keen Recollection; Trap SenseLamplighters are investigators tasked with keeping the night streets safe and lit, and securing darkened areas against whatever dangers lurk in the shadows.
Lepidstadt InspectorTrapfinding; Trap Sense; Poison Resistance; Poison Immunity; Swift Alchemy; 5th-level Investigator TalentThe ability of investigators trained at the University of Lepidstadt to get to the bottom of a mystery is legendary, and troubled settlements throughout the region often send petitions to the university requesting the aid of a formally trained inspector when some mystery threatens the community as a whole.
MajordomoTrapfinding; Alchemy; Swift Alchemy; Trap Sense In a world of intrigue where the loyalties of staff can be bought and sold, sometimes it takes the skills of an investigator to follow the byzantine paper trails and prevent embezzling and espionage within the estates of the elite.
Malice BinderInspiration; Trapfinding; Trap Sense; Alchemy; Poison Resistance; Poison ImmunityA lock of hair, a bit of blood, even a footprint is enough to grant a wily witch hunter an edge. Malice binders often rise from the ranks of the common folk rather than from wealthy nobles or the church. Their magic is old and crude, but devastatingly effective against those they hunt.
MastermindInspiration; Trapfinding; Trap Sense; Swift Alchemy; 9th-level Investigator TalentAlthough some investigators use their honed senses and cunning insight for personal gain, no one excels at such endeavors like the mastermind.
Natural PhilosopherWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; Class Skills; Inspiration; Trapfinding; Alchemy; Trap Sense; 3rd-level Investigator TalentNatural philosophers are scholars, explorers, and survivalists who feel at home in nature, seldom longing for the comforts of the city.
Portal SeekerTrapfinding; Poison Resistance; Poison Lore; Studied Strike; Poison ImmunityWhile most investigators seek answers to mundane mysteries, portal seekers chase more unusual enigmas: portals to other planes.
ProfilerTrapfinding; Poison Lore; Trap Sense; Poison Resistance; Poison Immunity; Swift Alchemy; 7th-level Investigator Talent Profilers understand the human psyche to an intense degree, allowing them to predict the criminals they hunt.
Psychic DetectiveClass Skills; Alchemy; Poison Lore; Poison Resistance; Swift Alchemy; Poison Immunity; 3rd-level Talent; Investigator TalentsA psychic detective supplements her keen insight with occult skill to unravel mysteries both ordinary and supernatural.
QuestionerInspiration; Alchemy; Poison Lore Dabblers in arcane magic and masters of stealth and guile, questioners are investigators who often find themselves mucking about in cases for less-than-savory clientele or that require an extra bit of subtlety.
Reckless EpicureanTrapfinding; 5th, 13th-level Investigator TalentWhether an obsessive scientist, a healer determined to ensure the safety of her tinctures, or a seeker of new and interesting potions, a reckless epicurean’s body is saturated with experimental chemicals and magic.
Ruthless AgentAlignment; Inspiration; Trapfinding; Trap Sense; Swift Alchemy; 11th, 17th-level Investigator Talents.Ruthless agents are often called upon for their skills at extracting information by any means necessary.
ScavengerAlchemy; Inspiration; Poison Lore; Poison Resistance; Poison ImmunityScavengers are masters of systems: how they fit together, why they work, and how to make the most of their parts.
SkepticTrapfinding; Poison Resistance; Swift Alchemy; 7th level Investigator TalentThe skeptic accepts the existence of the occult world while challenging claims that the supernatural explains all of life’s problems.
SleuthAlchemy; Swift AlchemyA sleuth is an investigator who relies on good fortune and guile rather than alchemy.
SpiritualistAlchemy; Poison Lore; Poison Resistance; Trap Sense; Swift Alchemy; Poison ImmunityWhile most investigators look to the physical world to gain their knowledge, there are those who seek out knowledge beyond the pale.
Star WatcherWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; Alchemy; Trapfinding; Trap Sense; Swift AlchemyStar watchers study the movements and positions of the sun, the moon, and the stars, searching for secrets written in the sky.
Steel HoundWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; Poison Lore; Swift AlchemySteel hounds are investigators who have taken to using firearms in place of the more mundane weapons their counterparts favor.
Tekritanin ArbiterTrapfinding; Poison Lore; Poison Resistance; Trap SenseThe Tekritanin League facilitated trade and settled disputes between a vast array of diverse cultures. The arbiters were the first line of diplomatic defense, solving problems before they could become disruptive.
Toxin CodexerAlchemy; Trapfinding; 3rd-level Investigator Talent; Keen Recollection; Trap SenseA toxin codexer meticulously seeks out new poisons and catalogs their effects, both those that are harmful and those that are potentially beneficial.