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Inquisitor Archetypes

AbolisherDomains; Stern Gaze; Detect Alignment; Discern LiesAbolishers are incorruptible inquisitors who weed out creatures of alien, unnatural origins, finding and exposing aberrations for what they are.
Cloaked WolfClass Skills; Stern Gaze; Cunning Initiative; Monster Lore; Solo Tactics; Teamwork Feats Some inquisitors are adept at appearing harmless until they throw off their unassuming facades and take their enemies by surprise.
Cold Iron Warden3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th-level Teamwork Feats; Bane; Discern LiesThe natural enemies of demoniacs and other cultists of fiendish forces, cold iron wardens are inquisitors who dedicate their lives to eradicating the taint of demonkind from Golarion.
ExarchMonster Lore; Detect Alignment; Bane; Second Judgment; Greater Bane; Third Judgment(Dwarf Only) The gruff traditionalism of most dwarves finds its apex in those who adhere to a strict orthodoxy rooted in ancient principles and practices and who are not amenable whatsoever to change or innovation.
ExorcistSecond Judgment; Third Judgment; Slayer; True JudgmentSome inquisitors, as they learn more about the threat of possession and the machinations of the planes, task themselves to expel possessing spirits and conniving outsiders from the world whenever possible.
ExpulsionistDomain; Monster Lore; Discern LiesExpulsionists are inquisitors who seek to rid the material world of the corrupting influences of wicked spirits that twist mortals to their own ends.
Faith HunterDomain; Justice, Destruction Judgement; Detect Alignment Certain relentless inquisitors burn with special hatred for an enemy of specific convictions, and they stop at nothing when obsessively hunting these foes down.
Green Faith MarshalDomain; Stern Gaze; Monster Lore; Discern Lies; StalwartThe Green Faith marshal serves as a literal force of nature, hunting down and punishing those who have committed sins against nature through enslavement and mistreatment of animals or destruction of wild places.
HereticMonster LoreWhile all inquisitors hunt the enemies of the faith, sometimes, either through political maneuvering by her enemies or an unyielding tenacity that breaks her faith’s basic tenets, an inquisitor can find herself a heretic.
HexenhammerMonster Lore; Stern Gaze; Domain; Cunning Initiative; Teamwork Feats; Solo Tactics; Spellcasting Hexenhammers learn to use the hexes and some spells of witches, but must pay the price for dealing with supernatural powers, as they slip ever closer to the evil they seek to destroy.
IconoclastMonster Lore; Detect Alignment; Discern Lies; Exploit Weakness; True JudgmentSome magic items are heretical by nature, enabling the unfaithful to spread wickedness. Iconoclasts seek out and remove such crutches, cleansing the taint these items exude.
ImmolatorSmiting Judgment; Bane; Greater Bane; True Judgment(Ifrit Only) The immolator puts her pyromaniacal urges to work in the service of a deity. She brings burning retribution down upon the enemies of her faith, consigning their souls to the sacrificial flames.
InfiltratorStern Gaze; Monster Lore; Track; Discern LiesThis inquisitor uses guile and deception to blend in among the enemies of the faith rather than confronting them head-on.
Keeper of ConstructDomain; Stern Gaze; Monster Lore; Exploid WeaknessSome of Brigh’s inquisitors, and occasionally those who follow Torag, track down malicious construct crafters and fight renegade constructs with unrivaled expertise.
Keeper of the CurrentTrack; Spellcasting; Discern LiesWater-related deities all have organized churches beneath the waves that engage zealous followers to hunt down apostates and enemies. Regardless of their faith, these undersea zealots are known as keepers of the current.
KinslayerDestruction Judgment; Teamwork Feats; Detect Alignment(Dhampir Only) Appalled and guilt-ridden by the horrific circumstances of her birth, a kinslayer dedicates herself to eradicating the very creatures whose blood flows within her veins.
Living GrimoireMonster Lore; Spellcasting; Cunning Initiative; Orisons; Judgement; Bane; Greater Bane; Second Judgement; Third Judgement; True Judgement The living grimoire literally wields the sacred word of his deity, using his holy tome to smite the foes of his god with divine might.
Monster TacticianJudgment; Discern Lies; Second Judgment; Third Judgment; Slayer; True JudgmentWhile most inquisitors have learned to take advantage of the movements of their opponents and allies in combat, some instead summon creatures as a means of claiming strategic advantage, exploiting the mystic connection between themselves and their summoned creatures to impart a bit of their own tactical knowledge.
OathkeeperAlignment; Class Skills; Monster Lore; TrackOathkeepers formally oversee the creation of bargains and personally hunt down those who dare to violate them.
PreacherSolo TacticsSome inquisitors wander the land to spread the true word of their faith.
Ravener HunterAlignment; Domain; Spells; 3rd-level Teamwork FeatFor generations, the catfolk of Murraseth have viewed the cults of Angazhan with loathing and hatred, and they believe it is their sacred duty to hunt down the followers of the Ravener King and expel them from the Material Plane
Reaper of SecretsMonster Lore; Stern Gaze; Solo TacticsMasters of mind tricks and deception, these divine assassins track down and kill anyone who has forbidden knowledge about their faiths.
Relic HunterSpellcasting; Judgment; Domain; Bane; Greater Bane; Second Judgment; Third JudgmentSome inquisitors specialize in the use and recovery of long-lost relics of their faiths, drawing forth divine might from the recovered items in order to restore their sanctity and wield these artifacts against the enemies of their gods.
Royal AccuserClass Skills; Stern Gaze; Detect Alignment; Solo Tactics; Teamwork Bonus FeatsRoyal accusers serve the prince of Ustalav, cutting through the nation’s baroque politics and quietly facing its many threats.
Sacred HuntsmasterJudgment; Solo Tactics; Second Judgment; Third Judgment; Slayer; True JudgmentSome inquisitors create a strong bond with an animal companion, and they hunt and punish threats to the faith as an awe-inspiring duo.
Sanctified SlayerJudgment; Second Judgment; Third Judgment; Slayer; True JudgmentWhile all inquisitors root out enemies of the faith, in many orders and churches there’s a select group of these religious hunters devoted to one goal, and one goal alone—to terminate the enemies of the faith wherever they can be found.
Secret SeekerMonster Lore; Bane; Greater Bane; Exploit WeaknessRecognizing that torture is a poor method of securing truthful intelligence, secret seekers instead prefer magical means of inquiry.
Sin EaterDomain; 6th-level Teamwork Feat; Exploit WeaknessThere is a sect of inquisitors in some religions that believes it is not enough to hunt the enemies of the church—one must also devour those enemies’ sins.
SpellbreakerMonster Lore; Bonus Teamwork Feats; Solo Tactics; Final JudgmentThe world is full of dangerous magic, and many recoil in the face of such power. The spellbreaker, by contrast, learns to recognize and resist certain types of magic, wading through waves of magic to reach her foes.
Suit SeekerClass Skills; Domain; Judgment; Second Judgment; Third Judgment; Detect Alignment; True JudgmentThough surrounded by meaning and tradition revered by most harrowers, the harrow is a tool that could be abused. Those inquisitors known as suit seekers take grave offense at the misuse of this ancient power, and dedicate their considerable skills to hunting and eliminating any who would abuse the harrow’s magic and the heritage it represents.
Sworn of the EldestDeity; Domain; Monster Lore; Stern Gaze; Solo Tactics; Teamwork FeatsAlthough the Eldest rarely have adherents as other deities do, they still occasionally require mortal agents to advance their aims.
Tactical LeaderStern Gaze; Solo Tactics; Teamwork Feats; Exploit WeaknessRather than pursuing their holy missions alone, some inquisitors see the inherent value of working with like-minded allies to accomplish mutual goals.
Traceless OperativeMonster Lore; Stern Gaze; Track; Bane; Greater BaneTraceless operatives practice subterfuge and careful preparation in order to accomplish their divine mandates.
Umbral StalkerClass Skills; Domain; Justice JudgementAs a consummate lurker in the shadows, an umbral stalker observes the enemies of her faith and strikes before the unfortunate victims even know she is skulking nearby.
Urban InfiltratorClass Skills; Monster Lore; StalwartMasters of secretly gathering information to further their faith’s ends, urban infiltrators excel at operating within an unfriendly society or infiltrating an enemy cult.
Vampire HunterAltered Judgments (Purity, Smiting); Detect Alignment; Altered BaneThe vampire hunter believes that the worst of undead are the ones with unnatural appetities for flesh and blood.
Vigilant DefenderJudgement; Stern Gaze; Exploit Weakness; True JudgementSome inquisitors focus more on protecting those who share their faiths and their ideals than on actively hunting their enemies.
Witch HunterMonster Lore; Detect Alignment; Discern Lies; True Judgment; Track; Exploit WeaknessWhen pursuing justice for their faith, inquisitors sometimes hunt sorcerers, witches, wizards, and other practitioners of arcane magic—but especially witches, since their devotion to a patron is often seen as suspect by many religions.