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Hunter Class Details | Animal Focuses | Ward Aspects | Archetypes

Hunter Archetypes

Aquatic BeastmasterAnimal Focus; Wild Empathy; Improved Empathic LinkHunters beneath the sea are just as committed as their surface-dwelling counterparts to working alongside their animal companions to eradicate threats.
Chameleon AdeptClass Skills; Teamwork Feats; Hunter’s Tactics; Wild Empathy; Precise Companion; Woodland Stride; Raise Animal Companion; One with the WildSome hunters are masters of blending into every situation, even making their companions appear humanoid for brief periods of time.
Colluding ScoundrelAnimal Focus; Second Animal Focus; Master Hunter The colluding scoundrel is a canny and conniving skirmisher, manipulating her enemies and leveraging her allies for her own benefit.
Courtly HunterClass Skills; Animal Companion; Animal Focus; Precise Companion; Hunter Tactics; Teamwork Feats; Bonus TricksWhile most hunters find themselves at ease in the wildest parts of the world, courtly hunters instead make their homes in cultured urban environments.
Divine HunterAlignment; Class Skills; Teamwork Feats; Hunter TacticsWhile most hunters heed the call of nature and fight to protect its bounty, some are inspired to serve a higher power.
Feral HunterAnimal Companion; Animal Focus; Hunter Tactics; Speak with Master; Precise Companion; Bonus Tricks; Improved Empathic Link; Greater Empathic Link; Master of the Wild; Raise Animal Companion; 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 18th-level Teamwork FeatsA feral hunter has forged a bond with nature that’s so strong that she doesn’t merely channel the aspects of animals— she actually becomes an animal herself.
FeykillerAnimal Focus; Wild Empathy; Speak with Master; Improed Empathic Link; One with the WildSome hunters in fey-plagued regions are dedicated to tracking down and eradicating these threats.
Flood FlourisherHunter Tactics; Woodland Stride; Teamwork Feats; Swift TrackerWell adapted to their drenched surroundings, flood flourishers coordinate deadly ambushes with their loyal animal companions by capitalizing on their mastery of the soggy terrain.
ForesterAnimal Focus; Animal Companion; Precise Companion; Hunter Tactics; Improved Empathic Link; Bonus Tricks; Raise Animal Companion; Speak with Master; Greater Empathic LinkWhile all hunters have a bond with the natural world, a forester has a stronger tie to her environment than to the animals within it.
PackmasterAnimal Companion; Animal Focus; Teamwork Feats; Second Animal Focus; Master HunterSome hunters form bonds with packs of well-trained creatures. Whether such a hunter is a northern berserker running with a pack of timber wolves or a savage warrior dashing through the jungle alongside her herd of dimetrodons, the packmaster revels in the thrill of the hunt and the glory of the kill.
Patient AmbusherClass Skills; Nature Training; Wild Empathy; Hunter Tactics; Teamwork Feats; Raise Animal CompanionWandering the wilds, some hunters eschew the bond of innate teamwork with their animal companions. Instead, these hunters master the creation and deployment of intricate ranger traps, often using themselves or their animal companions to lure foes into their snares.
Pelagic HunterAnimal Companion; Animal Focus; Woodland StridePelagic hunters form strong bonds that extend deep beneath the sea.
Plant MasterAnimal Companion; Animal Focus; Wild Empathy; One with the Wild; Master HunterSome hunters form a bond with plant life instead of an animal and take on those aspects instead.
Primal Companion HunterAnimal Focus; Second Animal Focus; Master HunterMost hunters are skilled at awakening the primal beasts inside themselves. However, some can instead activate the primal essence within their animal companion.
Roof RunnerClass Skills; Armor Proficieny; Track; Woodland Stride; Swift Tracker; Master HunterRoof runners are skilled ambushers, skirmishers, and spies who eschew heavier types of armor in order to remain light on their feet.
Scarab StalkerAnimal Focus; Woodland StrideThe forgotten ruins in the desert sands have given rise to a breed of hunters who call upon the powers of the pyramids to protect and explore the ancient sites of their people.
Totem-BondedAnimal Companion; Animal FocusTotem-bonded are hunters who are able to form a true spiritual bond with the powerful fauna that dominate the wildlands.
TreestriderAnimal Companion; Animal Focus; Second Animal Focus; Precise Companion; Raise Animal CompanionSome hunters are masters of the wild. Whether raised by apes or having some other link with simian creatures, these hunters glide through the wilderness with ease.
Uprooter ScoutImproved Empathic Link; Speak with Master; Greater Empathic Link; Raise Animal Companion; One with the WildThe Uprooters are an elite band of Kyonin elves skilled and brave enough to foray into the Tanglebriar and take the offensive in the fight against Treerazer.
Urban HunterClass Skills; Animal Companion; Hunter Tactics; Teamwork Feat; Woodland Stride; One with the WildUrban hunters help guards track down and apprehend criminals or spies, find lost children and disaster victims, and protect animals from abuse in the city.
Verminous HunterAnimal Companion; Wild Empathy; Animal Focus; Woodland StrideA verminous hunter calls on the ceaseless, single-minded dedication of vermin to hunt and overwhelm her prey.