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Fighter Archetypes

Aerial AssaulterClass Skills; Bravery; 2nd, 12th-level Bonus Feat, Armor Mastery, Weapon MasteryAerial assaulters leap to great heights and create higher ground where there is none.
Airborne AmbusherWeapon/Armor Proficiency; Class Skills; Bravery; Weapon Training 1-4(Strix Only) Driven by suspicion and hatred, strix doggedly guard their territories, making deadly use of their flight.
Aldori DefenderArmor Training; 6th, 8th, 10th-level Bonus FeatTrained warrior in the art of the Aldori dueling sword.
AquanautArmor Proficiency; Bravery; Armor Training 1-4; Armor Mastery; Weapon Training 1-4Aquanaut fighters master the movement of water, using its flow to their advantage in combat.
ArcherBravery; Armor Training 1-4; Weapon Training 1-4; Armor MasteryThe archer is dedicated to the careful mastery of the bow, perfecting his skills with years of practice.
ArmigerClass Skills; Skill Points; 1st, 10th-level Bonus Feats; BraveryFighters who focus their training to become Hellknights.
Armor MasterBravery; Weapon Training 1-4; Armor Mastery; Weapon MasteryWhile many fighters hone their weapon skills to a point of inescapable grace and lethality, there are those who live under the maxim that a good offense can be accomplished though an impenetrable defense.
BrawlerArmor Training 1-4; Weapon Training 1-4; Armor Mastery, Weapon MasteryAll melee is up close and personal, but some warriors bring it as close as they can get.
CadWeapon/Armor Proficiency; Bravery; Armor Training 1-4; Weapon Training 1-4; Weapon MasteryIn combat, most fighters have some sort of code of honor. Some believe that one should not kick enemies when they are down, or should limit use of other such dirty tricks to the most dire of circumstances. The cad places no such limitations on himself.
Calistrian HunterWeapon/Armor Proficiency; Class Skills; Bravery; Weapon Training 1-4; Weapon MasteryLike a bounty hunter following his own rules, a Calistrian hunter tracks down elusive prey using his wits and delivers long-overdue retribution while easily ignoring his own injuries thanks to the joy he receives from a job well done.
Cavern SniperClass Skills; 1st, 4th-level Fighter Bonus Feats; Bravery; Weapon Training 1-4; Weapon Mastery(Drow Only) Perfectly at home in the darkness, the cavern sniper capitalizes on stealth and ranged attacks imbued with his spell-like abilities to harass his opponents.
Child of Acavna and AmaznenWeapon/Armor Proficiency; Skills; 1st, 2nd, 8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th-level Combat Feats; Armor Training; Weapon TrainingThe child of Acavna and Amaznen has trained in the nearly forgotten arts of Azlant passed down by Aroden, which combine martial prowess with elementary wizardry. Inspired by the deities Aroden once worshiped long ago, children of Acavna and Amaznen strive to understand the dangers of the world and overcome them with knowledge and strength of arms.
Corsair2nd-level Bonus Feat; Armor Training; 6th-level Bonus FeatA corsair is a pirate who focuses on shipboard combat, relying on his strength of arms over his agility.
CrossbowmanArmor Training 1-4; Weapon Training 1-4; Armor MasteryThe crossbowman has perfected the deadly use of the crossbow, a simple but cruelly efficient weapon, as a craftsman mastering a lethal tool.
Cyber-SoldierWeapon Training 1; Armor Training 2 and 4; Armor MasteryCyber-soldiers replace fallible flesh with precisioncrafted machinery.
Dirty FighterBravery; Weapon Training 1-4(Orc Only) The dirty fighter laughs at concepts like honor and fair play. He cares only for victory, no matter how he achieves it, and spends as much time mastering sneaky combat maneuvers as he does drilling with weapons or learning how to wear armor.
Dragonheir ScionClass Skills; 1st, 3rd, 5th-level Bonus Feats; Bravery; Armor Training; Armor Mastery; Weapon Mastery Dragonheir scions are the martially inclined humanoid descendants of those influenced by draconic power.
DragoonWeapon/Armor Proficiency; 1st-level Bonus Feat; Weapon Training 1-4; Armor Training 2-4; Weapon MasteryThese gallant lancers serve in the vanguard of many armies or as knights-errant.
Drill SergeantBravery; Weapon Training 1-4Drill sergeants excel at training other combatants in fighting techniques.
Druman BlackjacketBravery; 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th-level Bonus Feats;Known as the Blackjackets, the elite soldiers of Druma are and always have been mercenaries rather than a standing army.
Eldritch GuardianClass Skills; 1st and 2nd-level Bonus Feats; BraveryEldritch guardians are trained to detect and give warning about magic threats to the people and places they protect.
FoehammerArmor Training 1-4; Weapon Training 2-4; Armor Mastery; Weapon Mastery(Dwarf Only) While the axe is the most famous dwarven weapon, the hammer is at the heart of dwarves’ heritage as forgemasters and warriors alike.
Free Hand FighterBravery; Armor Training 1-4; Weapon Training 1-4; Armor MasteryThe free hand fighter specializes in the delicate art of handling a single weapon in one hand while using his free hand to balance, block, tip, and distract his opponents.
GladiatorWeapon/Armor Proficiency; BraveryThe gladiator is both a cunning warrior and a consummate performer, knowing life and death are balanced not only on a sword’s edge, but also on the cheers or jeers of the crowd.
GloombladeClass Skills; Armor Proficiencies; Armor Training; Weapon TrainingThe Shadow Plane’s substance is legendary for its versatility. In shadow-shrouded lands, secretive martial practitioners long ago learned to shape supernatural weapons from ribbons of pure darkness.
High GuardianClass Skills; 1st, 2nd, 4th-level Bonus Feats; BraveryHigh guardians epitomize personal devotion, serving as the shield that protects his lord from the myriad dangers around every corner.
Lore WardenArmor Proficiencies; Bravery; 2nd-level Bonus Feat; Armor Training; Armor MasteryLore wardens are fighters who benefit from learning to outsmart and outmaneuver their foes rather than just overpower them.
Lore Warden (PFS Field Guide)Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, and Shield Proficiency; Bravery 1; Armor Training 1-4; Armor MasteryLore wardens are fighters who benefit from learning to outsmart and outmaneuver their foes rather than just overpower them.
Martial MasterWeapon Training; Weapon MasteryThere are those who learn the fighting arts though countless hours of repetition and training, while others seem to pick up new stances and forms as if they were born to them.
Mobile FighterBravery; Weapon Training 1-4; Armor Training 3-4; Weapon MasteryWhere some fighters focus on strength and raw power, the mobile fighter relies on swiftness and mobility, gliding across the battlefield like a steel whirlwind and leaving destruction in his wake.
Molthuni DefenderArmor TrainingTaking advantage of their weighty armor, Molthuni defenders can hold back an onslaught of enemies intent on breaking through their line.
Mutation WarriorArmor Training 1-4; Armor MasteryWhile most fighters rely on physical fitness and rigorous training to achieve martial superiority, a few prefer to create and imbibe dangerous concoctions that mutate them into fearsome creatures.
OpportunistClass Skils; Bravery; 1st, 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, 20th-level Bonus Feat; Weapon Training 1Opportunists believe every battle is one of wits rather than arms.
Pack MuleSkill Ranks; 1st-level Bonus Feat; Bravery; Armor Training 1-4; Armor MasteryPack mules carry heavy loads with ease and small packages with discretion.
Phalanx SoldierBravery; Armor Training 1-4; Weapon Training 1-4; Weapon MasteryThe phalanx soldier specializes in defensive tactics, using his shield to guard himself and his allies and forming a shield wall like an unbreakable anvil against which his enemies break.
Polearm MasterBravery; Armor Training 1-4; Weapon Training 1-4; Armor MasteryThe polearm master is schooled in the ancient wisdom that enemies are best faced at the end of long striking pole.
Qadira: Dawnflower DervishArmor Training 1-4Spinning warrior dervish of Sarenrae, wielding a scimitar with devastating consequences.
Relic MasterClass Skills; Armor Training; Weapon Training; Armor MasteryCommonly trained in the well-funded temples of Osirion or Qadira, the relic master is skilled in magic item mastery.
RoughriderBravery; Armor Training 1-4; Weapon Training 1-4; Armor MasteryRoughriders study and practice the fine points of mounted combat, drilling endlessly with warbeasts—from noble thoroughbreds to trained monsters—to form a perfect synergy between rider and steed.
Savage WarriorBravery; Weapon Training 1-4; Weapon MasteryWarriors' might is not measured only by their skill with steel, but also by their ability to inflict death with fang and claw, horn and hoof, and every exotic appendage the natural and unnatural world has to offer.
ScrapperArmor Training; Weapon Training 1Scrappers are adept at collecting the leftovers from their enemy’s armor and using these scraps to improve their own armor.
Seasoned CommanderArmor Proficiencies; Skill Ranks per Level; Class Skills; 1st-level Bonus Feat; Armor Training 1, 3, 4; Weapon TrainingThe seasoned commander excels at leading troops through inspiration and the use of unit tactics.
SensateClass Skills; Weapon/Armor Proficiencies; Bravery; Armor Training 1-4; Weapon Training 2-4; Armor Mastery; Weapon MasteryA sensate perceives battle through senses beyond mortal ken, anticipating his opponents’ movements before they even begin to act.
Shielded FighterArmor Training 1-4; Weapon Training 1-4; Armor Mastery; Weapon MasteryA shielded fighter focuses on both offense and defense, blending weapon and shield in perfect balance to impede his enemies while delivering deadly blows, and even turning the shield itself into a formidable weapon.
Siegebreaker1st, 2nd, 4th, and 8th-level Bonus Feats; Bravery; Weapon MasteryThe siegebreaker is trained to break through lines of enemy soldiers.
SkirmisherArmor Proficiencies; Class Skills; Skill Ranks; 2nd-level Bonus Feat; Bravery; Armor Training; Armor MasteryNot all battles are fought between armies; sometimes, a settlement or nation faces a threat too dire to fight in the open. In order to repel a much larger enemy force, some soldiers must abandon equipment and tactics designed for open-field warfare and instead rely on ambushes, hit-andrun tactics, and sabotage to whittle down their enemies’ strength and morale.
Spear FighterClass Skills; Armor Proficiencies; Bravery; Armor Training; Armor Mastery; Weapon Training; Weapon MasteryOne of the oldest spear-fighting styles originates in Vudra, where many martial arts traditions consider the spear to be the ultimate weapon.
Steelbound Fighter1st level Bonus Feat; Weapon Training 1-4A fighter who has impressive martial resolve and technique with a specific weapon as the result of a powerful relationship a similar weapon had with one of his ancestors.
Swarm FighterWeapon/Armor Proficiency; 1st, 2nd, 6th, 10th, 14th, 18th-level Bonus Feats; Bravery; Weapon Training 1-4; Weapon Mastery(Kobold Only) Scuttling between the legs of friend and foe alike, the swarm fighter is an unshakable combatant.
TacticianWeapon/Armor Proficiency; 1st-level Bonus Feat; Bravery; Weapon Training 1; Armor Training 3, 4While many fighters focus on the fundamentals of melee and ranged combat, there are those who are trained to view the bigger picture on the battlefield.
Taldor: Rondelero DuelistArmor Training 1-3, Bravery, Weapon Training 1One who has perfected the art of rondelero, fighting with falcata and buckler.
ThunderstrikerArmor Training 1-4; Weapon Training 3-4; Armor MasteryThe thunderstriker adopts an unusual fighting style, gripping a heavy weapon with both hands and switching to a defensive posture with weapon and buckler, lashing out with the shield with surprising speed and power.
Titan Fighter1st-level Bonus Feat; Armor Training; Weapon TrainingTitan fighters make use of enormous weapons others can barely lift.
Tower Shield SpecialistBravery; Weapon Training 1-4; Weapon MasteryMany fighters believe the tower shield is a tool suitable only for troops on the battlefield, claiming it is too large and bulky to use in skirmishes or within dungeon corridors.
Trench FighterArmor Training 1-4Advances in technology have made archaic armors obsolete by the twentieth century, and modern soldiers concentrate training on firearms and swift feet.
Tribal Fighter1st-level Bonus Feat; Weapon TrainingA tribal fighter knows that it is not the weapon that matters but the hand that wields it. Instead of encasing himself in metal armor like the soldiers fighting and dying for the socalled civilized lands do, he prefers to wear something he or his ancestors have killed.
Two-Handed FighterBravery; Armor Training 1-4; Armor MasterySome fighters focus their efforts on finding the biggest, heaviest, most imposing weapon they can find and training to manage and harness the weight of their massive weapons for maximum impact.
Two-Weapon WarriorArmor Training 1-4; Weapon Training 1-4; Armor MasteryTrained under great masters who preached the simple truth that two are better than one when it comes to weapons, the two-weapon warrior is a terror when his hands are full.
Unarmed FighterWeapon/Armor Proficiency; 1st-level Bonus Feat; Bravery; Armor Training 1-4; Weapon Training 1-4; 8th, 12th-level Bonus Feat; Armor Mastery; Weapon MasteryThe unarmed fighter picks up a weapon only rarely, and when he does, he prefers the weapons of the monk.
UnbreakableWeapon/Armor Proficiency; 1st-level Bonus Feat; Bravery; Weapon Training 1-4; Armor Training 3-4; Weapon MasteryThe unbreakable is a warrior of indomitable will, unstoppable and implacable once he has set his mind upon a course of action.
Ustalavic DuelistWeapon/Armor Proficiency; 1st-level Bonus Feat; Weapon Training 1-4The University of Lepidstadt has developed a reputation for churning out fearsome duelists. At the end of each academic year, the students all gather together and duel one another with light blades. Each student duels one opponent after another until he is marked on the cheek by an adversary’s blade. These “Lepidstadt scars” are recognized throughout the Inner Sea region and beyond as marks of their prowess. The Lepidstadt Style is one of fluid motion and precise thrusts.
Varisian Free-Style FighterClass Skills; 1st, 6th, 10th, and 12th-level Bonus Feats; Weapon Training; Weapon Mastery; Armor TrainingFree-style fighters are most common in Varisia, where their training—students’ traveling study with multiple teachers, or perhaps instruction in the anything-goes mentality of the Price of Freedom school in Kaer Maga—allows them to blend fighting styles into a greater whole.
Venomblade1st, 6th, 12th-level Bonus Feat; Bravery(Nagaji) The venomblade has learned to take full advantage of his toxic spittle, blinding his targets and then rushing in to cut them down where they stand.
VikingWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; Bravery; Armor Training; Weapon Training; Bonus FeatsVikings seek to raid “softer societies” and return with their longships filled with plunder. A viking strikes fear into the heart of her foes, and in battle she can fly into a terrible rage.
WarlordClass Skills; Weapon and Armor Proficiency; Armor Training; Armor MasteryHonorable, fearless experts in gun and blade, warlords eschew armor as impractical to their harsh and often desert-like environment
Weapon Bearer Squire1st-level Bonus Feat; 2nd-level Bonus Feat; Armor Training 1The weapon bearer squire ensures her knight is equipped for any task.
Weapon MasterBravery; Armor Training 1-4; Weapon Training 1-4; Armor MasteryDevoted to the perfection of a single weapon, the weapon master's meditations upon his favored weapon border on the obsessive, but none can deny his consummate skill.