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Companion Archetypes

Aberrant CompanionShare Spells; Devotion; Multiattack; Natural Armor ProgressionThere’s something oddly wrong about aberrant companions. Yet though they’re touched by eldritch magic or mutated by strange influences, they are still loyal, if unnatural, allies.
Accursed CompanionSee textWhen a character loses an animal companion to a disturbingly gruesome death, the soul of the slain animal companion sometimes remains bound to the character. In such cases, this scarred soul infests the next companion the character takes.
AmbusherShare Spells; Improved Evasion; Evasion; Devotion; MultiattackAmbushers sneak up on unsuspecting prey, pouncing on targets when they least expect it.
Apex SpeciesShare Spells; Evasion; Devotion; Improved Evasion; MultiattackSome animals have no serious competitors and no real predators.
Augmented CompanionShare Spells; DevotionAugmented companions have suffered an injury, such as the loss of a wing, and parts of their bodies have been replaced by a master construct crafter. This procedure grants them unusual abilities.
AuspiceShare Spells; Evasion; Improved EvasionAuspices were born with a birthmark or other feature that seems to be in the shape of their master’s deity’s holy symbol; they are usually animal sacred to that deity’s religion.
BodyguardShare Spells; Evasion; Multiattack; Improved EvasionSome companions live lives of faithful devotion and steady vigilance, standing watch through long hours and always ready to leap into action to protect their masters.
BullyShare Spells; MultiattackBigger than others of its kind, a bully is used to winning fights and displays of dominance for its choice of mates, territory, or other privileges.
ChargerShare Spells; Multiattack; Devotion; Improved EvasionThe mighty charger is a boon to heavily armored and armed champions, bearing them and their ironmongery into battle without hesitation.
DaredevilShare Spells; Devotion; MultiattackDaredevil companions join the fray with graceful leaps or swooping dives, heedless of the danger.
Deathtouched CompanionShare Spells; DevotionWhether the result of a partially successful attempt at revival, a strange blight, or repeated exposure to undead, deathtouched companions are living animals with a trace of the undead, somewhat like dhampirs.
Draconic CompanionShare Spells; Evasion; Devotion; Multiattack; Improved EvasionDraconic companions bear a faint trace of dragon blood that grants them special abilities.
Elemental CompanionEvasion; Improved Evasion; MultiattackThe heart of this companion beats with primal energy.
Feytouched Companion4th or 7th-level Advancement; Share Spells; Multiattack; Evasion; Devotion; Improved Evasion(Must be size Small) Feytouched companions are strangely colored fauna native to the First World, the primal realm of the fey. They gain strange abilities tied to the fey.
Precocious CompanionEvasion; Improved Evasion; 4th or 7th-level AdvancementPrecocious companions are able to learn far more tricks than other companions; this ability to learn allows their masters to use them for a wider variety of tasks.
RacerShare Spells; DevotionSome companions have uncanny speed, providing their masters with swift transport.
Totem GuideEvasion; Devotion; Multiattack; Improved EvasionTotem guides embody the wisdom and spirituality of the natural world, providing guidance as well as aid in combat.
TrackerShare Spells; Devotion(Must have scent) Some companions are expert trackers, able to use their scent ability to follow any trail.
Unexpected IntellectualShare SpellsSometimes, when an insect or other vermin is chosen to be an animal companion, it proves cleverer than expected. On occasion, it proves much cleverer.
Verdant CompanionShare Spells; Evasion; Devotion; Improved EvasionFavorites of druids who balance their responsibilities between flora and fauna, verdant companions are animals with some of the abilities and physical aspects of plants.
WreckerShare Spells; MultiattackLike unruly pets, some companions have a tendency to destroy nearby objects while unsupervised, and their masters can channel these destructive impulses into an advantage in battle.