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Cleric Archetypes

Angelfire ApostleArmor Proficiency; Spellcasting; Alignment; Channel EnergyAngelfire apostles use the powers of good to avoid violence when possible and cleanse both maladies and evil creatures with blinding flames.
AppeaserAura; Channel Energy; Alignment; Spells; DomainsA rare few seek the power of dark forces for brighter ends by focusing on the utilitarian aspects of a god’s portfolio, appeasing their deities through high praise and glorifying their chosen gods’ unaligned aspects.
Asmodean AdvocateDomainsFor the faithful of Asmodeus, the words used in a negotiation or contract matter more than their intent.
Blossoming LightArmor Proficiency; Alignment; Channel Energy; DomainsBlossoming lights are clerics who take their pursuit of purity and light to extremes.
CardinalArmor Proficieny; Spontaneous Casting; Domain; Class Skills; Skill Ranks; Base Attack BonusCardinals wield significant political power, engaging in the game of intrigue on behalf of their churches
Channeler of the UnknownWeapon and Armor Proficiency; Spells; Aura; Channel Energy; Domains; Spontaneous Casting (Ex-cleric archetype) Channelers of the unknown are those faithless clerics who channel the power of an unknown entity or force of the universe
Cloistered ClericWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; Domains; SpellsCloistered clerics typically live in a temple and rarely interact with the outside world. They are bookish and well learned in the lore of the faith, paying less attention to its magical and martial aspects.
Crashing WaveDeity; Bonus Languages; Channel Energy; Spontaneous CastingClerics who live in or near the sea sometimes embrace the watery aspect of Gozreh over the deity’s other dimensions and take the title of crashing wave; such clerics understand the tempestuousness and cruelty of the sea, but also its generosity and bounty
CrusaderDomains; SpellsCrusaders serve the militant arm of a church, ready to stand guard over the religion’s holy places and to be its swift, avenging arm against those who resist its truth.
Demonic ApostleDomains; Channel Energy(Drow Only) Demon worship is common among the drow, and so are ranks of demonic apostles, who gain magical insight from their dark lords and crush their chaotic masters’ enemies by channeling demonic energy.
Divine ParagonDomain; AuraDivine paragons strive to emulate their god’s ideals as closely as possible.
Divine ScourgeDomains; Channel EnergyDivine scourges take on the role of dealing out unique punishments on behalf of their deities, taking pleasure in carrying out their sacrosanct duties.
Divine StrategistDomains; Channel EnergyThe divine strategist leads the armies of the faithful, not from the front lines but through her clever strategy and tactical acumen.
EcclesitheurgeWeapon/Armor Proficiencies; Domain; Channel EnergyEschewing physical armor for protection via the strength of his faith, an ecclesitheurge focuses on the miracles his deity bestows and the breadth of that deity’s dominion.
Elder Mythos CultistAlignment; Domains; Channel Energy; Spontaneous Casting; 5th, 11th, and 19th-level Channel Energy increase Typically grasping, secretive, and thoroughly mad, Elder Mythos cultists open their bodies and minds to horrifying realities not meant for the sane as they strive to prepare the world for the eventual return of their alien masters.
EvangelistDomains; Channel Energy; Spontaneous CastingThe evangelist is the voice of her religion in the world.
Fiendish VesselDomains; Channel Energy(Tiefling Only) Fiendish vessels, through their fiendish heritage, share an innate connection with their patron, and that connection grants them understanding and power.
ForgemasterDomains; Channel Energy(Dwarf Only) Forgemasters are priestly dwarves who are ritual casters and expert enchanters, able to produce their rune-graven armaments with astonishing speed.
Foundation of FaithChannel EnergyWhether aiding the faithful or defending against the depredations of unbelievers, a foundation of faith is unshakable in her convictions.
Herald CallerClass Skills; Domains; Armor Proficiencies; Unlike warpriests or paladins, who charge headlong into battle in the name of their patron deities, herald callers are adept at calling powerful outsiders to aid their brethren in battle.
Hidden Priest1st-level Domain Power, 8th-level Domain PowerWhen practicing their religion is outlawed, the hidden priest learns to hide their true nature and practice magic in secret.
IdealistSpontaneous Casting; Channel EnergyIdealist clerics are personifications of belief, each embracing the purest ideal of his deity’s realm.
Iron PriestClass Skills; Channel Energy; SpellcastingIron priests preach of the messengers from beyond the stars, envoys of the divine brought to Golarion in a falling star.
LawspeakerAlignment; DomainsLawspeakers spread their philosophy of certain and unwavering justice throughout the Inner Sea region.
Mendevian PriestDomainsCrusade-minded clerics of Iomedae, Gorum, and other churches come to Mendev to learn battlefield tactics and the weaknesses of demons.
Merciful HealerDomains; Channel EnergyThe merciful healer is a master of battlefield revivification, sustaining and restoring allies to keep them in the fight.
Roaming ExorcistSkill Ranks; Weapon/Armor Proficiencies; Domains; Channel EnergyThe roaming exorcist travels far and wide to root out possessions, hauntings, and hidden evils. The roaming exorcist extracts unruly spirits from not only victims of possession, but also haunted sites and accursed items.
Sacred AttendantArmor Proficiency; Channel Energy; DomainsSacred attendants bring out the varied beauty in everyone they help, and they typically worship deities of beauty, love, and sex.
Scroll Scholar1st Level Domain Power, Channel Energy 5th level increase, 4th-level spell slotThose who trade some of their potential to better understand ancient texts and scrolls can become learned scroll scholars.
SeparatistDomainsA radical cleric, unsatisfied with the orthodoxy of her deity’s teachings, forges her own path of defiant divine expression.
Stoic CaregiverChannel Energy; Domains; Stoic caregivers are champions of life in defiance of untimely death as well as undeath.
TheologianDomainsA theologian is an expert on one particular area of her religion
Triadic PriestDomainsPower comes not just from communion with one’s deity, but also from the formation of divine triumvirates. At the head of these groups are triadic priests.
Undead LordDomainsAn undead lord is a cleric focused on using necromancy to control undead.
Varisian PilgrimAltered Domain Abilities; Medium Armor/Shield Proficiency; 8th-level Domain PowerWhile most clerics are associated with a particular temple, adventuring clerics spend much of their time away from their favored place of worship, and there are those who worship primarily on the road and during the journey.