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Spiritualist Class Details | Archetypes


Source Occult Adventures pg. 111
Though most spiritualists are chosen by their phantoms, others deliberately call phantoms to them through years of careful preparation and study in obscure divine traditions. These spiritualists, known as onmyoji, form close bonds with their phantoms, as any other spiritualist does, but see the phantoms as partners and tools in their work. Onmyoji serve as emissaries between the mundane world and the spiritual one, either working to ensure that troubles in the spiritual world do not spill over into the world of mortals, or stirring up spiritual trouble in order to achieve their ends among the living.

Divine Spellcasting: An onmyoji’s spellcasting ability comes from divine rather than psychic power. As a divine caster, the onmyoji’s spells use verbal components instead of thought components, and somatic components instead of emotional components, and she uses an ofuda as a divine focus. Ofudas are scrolls with holy writings written on parchment, cloth, or wood (having the same cost as a wooden holy symbol) or metal (having the same cost as a silver holy symbol). This ability alters spellcasting.

Spiritual Resistance (Su): An onmyoji’s phantom provides her with protection from supernatural forces. While the phantom is confined within the onmyoji’s consciousness (not stranded on the Ethereal Plane or fully manifested), it grants her a +2 bonus on saving throws against the spell-like and supernatural abilities of fey, outsiders, and incorporeal undead. At 6th level and every 6 levels thereafter, this bonus increases by 1 (to a maximum of +5 at 18th level). This ability replaces shared consciousness and fused consciousness.

Divine Teachings (Su): An onmyoji gains the ability to call upon her phantom to help her cast spells she normally couldn’t. At 4th level and every 3 levels thereafter, an onmyoji can choose a single spell from the cleric spell list with a spell level she is currently able to cast, and add that spell to her list of spells known, at the same spell level as it appears on the cleric spell list. Because the onmyoji relies on her phantom’s influence in order to cast these spells, she can cast spells added in this way only while the phantom is confined within her consciousness (not stranded on the Ethereal Plane or fully manifested). This ability replaces spiritual interference and greater spiritual interference.