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Source Animal Archive pg. 20
The mighty charger is a boon to heavily armored and armed champions, bearing them and their ironmongery into battle without hesitation.

Animal Feats: In addition to the standard animal companion feats, a charger may select Charge ThroughAPG, Greater Overrun, Improved Great Fortitude, and Improved Iron Will.

Animal Skills: Chargers treat Intimidate as a class skill.

Mounted Challenge (Ex): When ridden by a cavalier, chargers gain half of the bonuses and penalties granted by the cavalier’s challenge class feature. This ability replaces share spells.

Barding Training (Ex): At 3rd level, a charger’s armor check penalty for wearing barding or for carrying a medium load is reduced by 1 and the maximum Dexterity bonus for its armor and load increases by 1. Reduce the armor check and medium load penalties by an additional 1 for every 6 levels after 3rd; increase the maximum Dexterity bonus for the charger’s armor by an additional 1 for every 6 levels after 3rd. In addition, the charger’s speed does not decrease when wearing medium armor or carrying a medium load. At 9th level, a charger can move at normal speed in heavy armor or while carrying a heavy load. This ability replaces evasion and Multiattack.

Indefatigable (Ex): At 6th level, a charger becomes immune to fatigue. This ability replaces devotion.

Stalwart Steed (Ex): At 15th level, the charger gains the ability to withstand great punishment and stress. Whenever the charger succeeds at a Fortitude or Will save that would normally result in a reduced or partial effect, the charger is unaffected. This ability replaces improved evasion.