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Divine Scourge

Source Magic Tactics Toolbox pg. 23
Some divine servants take on the role of dealing out unique punishments on behalf of their deities, taking pleasure in carrying out their sacrosanct duties. Such divine scourges are most common among worshipers of Abadar (meting out punishment to lawbreakers in concert with local courts), Calistria (punishing those truly deserving of vengeance), and Zon-Kuthon (seeing punishment as an applied form of pain and suffering). Divine scourges make a point of inflicting long-lasting maladies and curses on those deserving of such fates under the tenets of the scourges’ religions.

Curser (Ex): A divine scourge must take the curse subdomain (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player’s Guide 88) as a domain, regardless of the actual domains offered by her deity. The divine scourge does not receive a second domain.

This ability alters domains.

Divine Hexes: At 3rd level and every 4 cleric levels thereafter, a divine scourge can select the following hexes from the witchAPG class hex list, up to a maximum of five hexes at 19th level: blight, cursed wound (Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of the Moon 15), evil eye, misfortune, scarUM, slumber, and unnerve beastsUM.

At 11th level, a divine scourge can instead select from the following list of major hexes: agony, hoarfrostUM, infected woundsUM, nightmares, and retributions.

The divine scourge uses her Wisdom modifier instead of her Intelligence modifier to determine the save DCs of her hexes. Any hex that refers to using her Intelligence modifier to determine its duration or effect instead uses her Charisma modifier for that purpose.

This ability replaces channel energy.