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Undead Slayer's Handbook

Estimated Release Date: 4/30/2014
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Alchemist Discoveries [4]

Boneshard Bomb*, Ectoplasmic Bomb*, Phantom Limb, Psychokinetic Tincture

Archetypes [4]

Corpse Hunter (Ranger), Medium (Witch), Roaming Exorcist (Cleric), Spirit Master (Monk)

Equipment (Misc.) [17]

Bottled sunlight, Carrion bait, Ectoplasmic tracer, Garlic tablets, Ghost hunter's kit, Gravedigger's kit, Light kit, Necrobane formaldehyde, Necrosalt, Pyramid buster's kit, Seance kit, Skeleton slayer's kit, Spiritbane spike, Synthetic mumia, Undeath aid kit, Warding ash, Zombie slayer's kit

Feats [7]

Align Equipment, Bless Equipment, Greater Bless Equipment, Holy Water Assault, Improved Bless Equipment, Lingering Smite, Weapon Versatility

Magic Items (Armor) [2]

Lifecollar Coat, Shield of Sunrise

Magic Items (Rings) [1]

Ring of Protected Life

Magic Items (Weapons) [3]

Axe of Forced Life, Lady's Spiral, Master's Woe Stiletto

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [3]

Gloves of Stolen Unlife, Hood of the Living, Infiltrator's Onyx

Prestige Classes [1]

Soul Warden

Spells [8]

Carrion Compass, Empower Holy Water, Force Anchor, Life Shield, Necromantic Burden, Possession Trap, Sphere of Warding, Undeath Inversion

Traits [8]

Child of Wati, Corpse Dodger, Exiled Scholar, Forbidden Knowledge, Ghost Survivor, Ghoulish Affinity, Holy Tattoo, Unflinching Faith