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Ultimate Intrigue

Estimated Release Date: 3/23/2016
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Archetypes [76]

Alchemical Sapper (Alchemist), Ancestral Aspirant (Occultist), Battle Scion (Skald), Black Asp (Monk), Black Asp (Monk (Unchained)), Bold Schemer (Skald), Brute (Vigilante), Cabalist (Vigilante), Cardinal (Cleric), Cipher (Investigator), Cloaked Wolf (Inquisitor), Code Runner (Ranger), Consigliere (Rogue), Conspirator (Investigator), Courtly Hunter (Hunter), Courtly Knight (Cavalier), Dandy (Ranger), Daring General (Cavalier), Enigma (Mesmerist), Eyebiter (Mesmerist), Faith Hunter (Inquisitor), Fey Caller (Summoner (Unchained)), Fey Trickster (Mesmerist), Feyspeaker (Druid), Forensic Physician (Investigator), Gray Paladin (Paladin), Guiding Blade (Swashbuckler), Guild Agent (Rogue), Guildbreaker (Ranger), Gunmaster (Vigilante), Hallucinist (Investigator), Heister (Rogue), Hussar (Cavalier), Impervious Messenger (Bard), Instigator (Skald), Interrogator (Alchemist), Magical Child (Vigilante), Majordomo (Investigator), Masked Performer (Bard), Master of Disguise (Rogue), Maverick (Gunslinger), Metamorph (Alchemist), Mounted Fury (Vigilante), Noble Fencer (Swashbuckler), Phantom Thief (Rogue), Psychometrist (Vigilante), Ringleader (UI) (Bard), Roof Runner (Hunter), Sage Counselor (Monk), Sage Counselor (Monk (Unchained)), Secret Broker (Occultist), Secret Seeker (Inquisitor), Sentinel (Ranger), Shadow Caller (Spiritualist), Sharper (Rogue), Skinshaper (Druid), Snoop (Rogue), Sorrowsoul (Bard), Tactical Leader (Inquisitor), Thought Eater (Mesmerist), Traceless Operative (Inquisitor), Transporter (Ranger), Tyrant (Antipaladin), Umbral Stalker (Inquisitor), Urushiol (Druid), Veiled Blade (Swashbuckler), Velvet Blade (Slayer), Vigilant Defender (Inquisitor), Vizier (Mesmerist), Vox (Mesmerist), Warlock (Vigilante), Warlord (Skald), Wildsoul (Vigilante), Wit (Bard), Zealot (Vigilante), Zeitgeist Binder (Spiritualist)

Classes [1]


Equipment (Misc.) [29]

Accuracy lozenge, Age ointment, Alchemical dye kit, Boar's bellow, Code rod, Concealable thieves' tools, Concealment coin, Efreeti cord, Efreeti switch, Esquire attaché case, Falsehood fizz, Fellowship film, Flash seeds, Hollow book, Intuition serum, Night stalker's tonic, Perfume kit, Poison lip paint, Puzzle heel, Quick-change outfit, Rake's friend, Scroll belt, Sentry seeds, Singer's solution, Speech resin, Subversive vest (vest), Subversive vest (vestment), Swift hands tonic, Vigilante's kit

Equipment (Weapons) [4]

Featherweight dart, Heavy wrist launcher, Spring blade, Wrist launcher

Feats [113]

Acrobatic Spellcaster, Agent of Fear, Betrayal Sense, Blustering Bluff, Brilliant Planner, Brilliant Spell Preparation, But a Scratch, Call Truce, Careful Flyer, Careful Sneak, Cartogramancer, Cat and Mouse, Cat's Fall, Circuitous Shot, City Sprinter, Clambering Escape, Conceal Spell, Confabulist, Cooperative Disabling, Criminal Reputation, Cunning Intuition, Cutting Humiliation, Darkness Trick, Deft Catcher, Drunkard's Recovery, Enrage Opponent, Entreating Critical, Expeditious Sleuth, Exquisite Sneak, Extra Contingency, Eye for Ingredients, Feign Curse, Fencing Grace, Fey Spell Lore, Fey Spell Versatility, Fleeting Spell, Fool Magic, Fox Insight, Fox Style, Fox Trickery, Gaze Reflection, Graceful Steal, Groom, Improved Bravery, Improved Conceal Spell, Improved Legendary Influence, Improved Sabotaging Sunder, Incite Paranoia, Insightful Advice, Inspiring Bravery, Inspiring Mentor, Intoxicating Flattery, Ironclad Logic, Legendary Influence, Light Bearer, Lightning Draw, Manipulative Agility, Martial Dominance, Measure Foe, Misdirection Attack, Misdirection Redirection, Misdirection Tactics, My Blade is Yours, Nerve-Racking Negotiator, Notorious Vigilante, Omnipresent Mentor, Ostentatious Rager, Owl Dive, Owl Style, Owl Swoop, Page, Persuasive Bribery, Piercing Grapple, Planar Wanderer, Play to the Crowd, Quick Favor, Quick Study, Quiet Death, Ranged Disable, Ranged Feint, Read Spell Traces, Ready for Anything, Recruits, Sabotage Magic Item, Sabotage Specialist, Sabotaging Sunder, Sense Assumptions, Sense Relationships, Shadows of Fear, Sliding Dash, Social Bravery, Starry Grace, Startling Getaway, Street Carnage, Street Smarts, Street Style, Street Sweep, Structural Strike, Studied Spell, Stylized Spell, Subtle Enchantments, Superior Scryer, Swipe and Stash, Telepathy Tap, Tenacious Spell, Threatening Negotiator, Timely Coordination, True Deception, Unimpeachable Honor, Vile Leadership, Walking Sleight, Weapon Bearer, Willing Accomplice

Hunter Animal Focuses [8]

Beaver, Chameleon, Eagle, Fox, Frilled Lizard, Octopus, Raccoon, Songbird

Inquisitions [2]

Crime, Secrets

Kineticist Wild Talents [5]

Earthmeld, Flame Trap, Spying Touchsight, Voice of the Wind, Greater, Watersense, Greater

Magic Items (Armor) [2]

Diviner's Blight, Lockpick Shield

Magic Items (Rings) [5]

Communique Rings, Ring of the Shadow Victim, Rings of Bondage, Rings of Bondage, Greater, Swarmwalker's Ring

Magic Items (Weapons) [14]

Courtesan's Ire, Dart of Recovery, Launcher of Distraction, Liberating (UI), Mind's Eye Blade, Peaceful, Prying Star, Serpent's Fang, Silencing, Silent Sentry Crossbow, Slithering, Truthful, Umbral, Unseen

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [37]

Accent Pill, Best Friend Pendant, Best Friend Pendant, Greater, Black Marketeer's Bag, Candle of Comity, Candle of Drowsiness, Coat of Pockets, Coat of the Undercity, Coat of the Undercity, Greater, Codex of Conversations, Costume Bureau, Courier's Secure Pouch, Deadened Shadows Cloak, Deck of Doors, Gloves of Unexpected Violence (Expert), Fan of Flirting, Ghost Needle, Glass of Veils, Glittering Trinket, Ink of Mimicry, Magnificent Map, Mask of Stolen Mien, Memory Box, Monocle of Flawlessness, Murderer's Silence, Parley Ward, Pipe of Revealing Mists, Planar Parchment, Polish of Inconspicuous Armor, Private Palanquin, Quick-Change Mask, Raucous Canard, Shadow Hand Smoke Pellet, Gloves of Unexpected Violence (Standard), Time Bomb, Time Bomb, Greater, Vestments of False Faith

Oracle Mysteries [1]


Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [7]

Dwarf - Vigilante, Elf - Vigilante, Gnome - Vigilante, Half-Elf - Vigilante, Halfling - Vigilante, Half-Orc - Vigilante, Human - Vigilante

Rogue Talents [4]

Follow Along (Ex), Hidden Mind (Ex), Shades of Gray (Ex), Stalker Talent

Spells [101]

Absolution, Aerial Tracks, Animal Ambassador, Aphasia, Audiovisual Hallucination, Auditory Hallucination, Aura of the Unremarkable, Bountiful Banquet, Break, Greater, Build Trust, Charm Person, Mass, Codespeak, Complex Hallucination, Compulsive Liar, Conditional Curse, Conditional Favor, Conjuration Foil, Conjure Carriage, Contingent Venom, Controlled Fireball, Crime of Opportunity, Crime Wave, Cultural Adaptation, Curse of the Outcast, Dark Whispers, Deadman's Contingency, Deceitful Veneer, Deflect Blame, Demanding Message, Demanding Message, Mass, Desperate Weapon, Detect Anxieties, Detect Desires, Detect Magic, Greater, Detect the Faithful, Disrupt Silence, Dress Corpse, Entice Fey, Entice Fey, Greater, Entice Fey, Lesser, Fabricate Disguise, False Belief, False Future, False Resurrection, False Resurrection, Greater, False Vision, Greater, Ghost Brand, Glimpse of Truth, Handy Grapnel, Hidden Presence, Hollow Heroism, Hollow Heroism, Greater, Illusion of Treachery, Illusion of Treachery, Greater, Insect Spies, Insect Spies, Greater, Instant Fake, Instant Summons, Greater, Know Peerage, Languid Venom, Life of Crime, Mage's Decree, Magic Aura, Greater, Majestic Image, Matchmaker, Meticulous Match, Obscure Poison, Open and Shut, Open Book, Overwhelming Poison, Pack Empathy, Peacebond, Greater, Permanent Hallucination, Phantasmal Affliction, Pocketful of Vipers, Poisonous Balm, Pox of Rumors, Prognostication, Quieting Weapons, Red Hand of the Killer, Reincarnate Spy, Resplendent Mansion, Rumormonger, Scripted Hallucination, Selective Alarm, Shamefully Overdressed, Shifted Steps, Swallow Poison, They Know, Trace Teleport, Trade Items, Treacherous Teleport, Triggered Hallucination, True Prognostication, Underbrush Decoy, Undetectable Trap, Unerring Tracker, Urban Step, Vicarious View, Voluminous Vocabulary, Wizened Appearance

Vigilante Talents [68]

Another Day, Any Guise, Armor Skin, Blind Spot, Case the Joint, Celebrity Discount, Celebrity Perks, Chase Master, Close the Gap, Combat Skill, Cunning Feint, Double Time, Environmental Weapon, Evasive, Everyman, Expose Weaknesses, Favored Maneuver, Feign Innocence, Fist of the Avenger, Foe Collision, Gossip Collector, Great Renown, Heavy Training, Hide in Plain Sight, Immediate Change, In Vogue, Incredible Renown, Inspired Vigilante, Instant Recognition, Leave an Opening, Lethal Grace, Living Shield, Loyal Aid, Mad Rush, Many Guises, Mighty Ambush, Mockingbird, Nothing Can Stop Me, Perfect Fall, Perfect Vulnerability, Pull into the Shadows, Quick Change, Renown, Returning Weapon, Rogue Talent, Rooftop Infiltrator, Safe House, Shadow's Sight, Shadow's Speed, Shield of Blades, Shield of Fury, Signature Weapon, Silent Dispatch, Sniper, Social Grace, Stalker Sense, Strike the Unseen, Subjective Truth, Sucker Punch, Sure-Footed, Surprise Strike, Throat Jab, Triumphant Return, Twisting Fear, Unexpected Strike, Unkillable, Up Close and Personal, Vital Punishment