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The Harrow Handbook

Estimated Release Date: 5/28/2014
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Archetypes [6]

Card Caster (Magus), Cartomancer (Witch), Harrow Warden (Monk), Sczarni Swindler (Rogue), Story Summoner (Summoner), Suit Seeker (Inquisitor)

Bard Masterpieces [2]

Illusion’s Decree (Comedy, Oratory), Tales of Twisting Steel (Act, Oratory)

Cavalier Orders [1]

Order of the Hammer

Equipment (Misc.) [2]

Harrow carrying case, Harrow mat

Feats [5]

All-Consuming Swing, Bear's Balance, Deadly Dealer, Harrowed Summoning, Merciless Beating

Magic Items (Armor) [1]

Man Mountain Armor

Magic Items (Rods) [1]

Backbiter's Focus

Magic Items (Weapons) [3]

Deck of Slivering Fate, Rabbit's Blade, Snakebite Dagger

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [5]

Bastion Boots, Fate-Reader's Lenses, Medium's Harrow Mat, Mute Marionette, Traveler's Grandiose Carrying Case

Magus Arcana [2]

Arcane Dealer (Su), Rakshasa's Fortune (Su)

Oracle Mysteries [1]


Rogue Talents [6]

Card Sharp (Su), Demon Lantern (Sp), Grig Jig (Su), Harrow Strike (Ex), Papercraft Tools (Ex), Rapid Boost (Ex)

Sorcerer Bloodlines [1]


Spells [1]

Harrowing, Greater

Witch Hexes [2]

Harrowing Curse (Su), Soothsayer (Su)