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Spymaster's Handbook

Estimated Release Date: 6/27/2016
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Alchemist Discoveries [1]

Glimmering Infusion (Sp)

Arcane Discoveries [1]

Observant Illusion (Su)

Archetypes [3]

Agathiel (Vigilante), Bellflower Harvester (Vigilante), Teisatsu (Vigilante)

Drawbacks [12]

Betrayed (Drawback), Empty Mask, Guilty Fraud, Infamous, Information Overload, Lonely, Magical Klutz, Occult Bargain, Righteous Indignation, Secret Shame, Too Many Secrets, Vainglory

Feats [13]

Ascendant, Concilator, Golden League Tattoos, Inerrant Justice, Infiltrator, Magical Enigma, Oblivating Stare, Puppet Master, Pure Legion Assault, Rival, Sense Loyalties, Supernatural Spy, Wily Warrior

Investigator Talents [2]

One of Those Faces, Scrying Familiarity

Magic Items (Weapons) [6]

Biting Bracelet, Concealed, Concealed, Lesser, Debilitating, Grafting Blade, Stirge Lance

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [3]

Mask of Anonymous Mien, Torc of Innocuous Gems, Untouchable Jacket

Rogue Talents [2]

One of Those Faces (Sp), Scrying Familiarity (Ex)

Skill Uses [5]

Coercion (Intimidate), Inconspicuous Action (Bluff), Intentional Mishap (Use Magic Device), Palm Weapon (Sleight of Hand), Recall Intrigues (Knowledge)

Slayer Talents [2]

One of Those Faces, Scrying Familiarity

Spells [10]

Claim Identity, Claim Identity, Greater, Egorian Diplomacy, Garrulous Grin, Insect Scouts, Passing Fancy, Passing Fancy, Mass, Scribe's Binding, Trial by Fire, Watchful Animal

Traits [13]

Chelish Sympathizer, Criminal Roots, Deep Cover, Divine Confidante, Hidden Faith, Kalistocratic Prophecy, Official Ties, Persuasive Insight, Secret Scrolls, Slave Runner, Wary Eye, Winter Witchcraft Survivor, Youthful Infiltrator

Vigilante Talents [12]

Concealed Strike, Entrepreneur, Fantastic Stride, Guise of Life, Guise of Unlife, Intrigue Feats, Major Magic, Minor Magic, Mockery, Take 'Em Alive, Team Player, Well-Known Expert