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Pirates of the Inner Sea

Estimated Release Date: 2/2/2012
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Archetypes [4]

Buccaneer (Bard), Corsair (Fighter), Freebooter (Ranger), Smuggler (Rogue)

Equipment (Misc.) [24]

Astrolabe, Chest (huge treasure), Chest (large treasure), Chest (medium treasure), Chest (small treasure), Eye patch, Flag (ensign or courtesy, large), Flag (ensign or courtesy, small), Flag (personal signal, large), Flag (personal signal, small), Grog (mug), Grog, gallon, Hat, Nautical chart, Peg leg, Pirate clothes (basic), Pirate clothes (fancy), Prosthetic (arm), Prosthetic (foot), Prosthetic (hand), Prosthetic (leg), Sextant, Tar bomb, Tattoo

Equipment (Weapons) [10]

Bayonet, Boarding axe, Boarding gaff, Boarding pike, Brass knife, Cat-o'-nine-tails, Cutlass, Grappling hook, Harpoon, Hook hand

Prestige Classes [1]

Inner Sea Pirate

Spells [6]

Black Spot, Buoyancy, Salvage, Skeleton Crew, Track Ship, Unseen Crew

Traits [26]

Abolitionist Hunter, Chainbreaker, Cheat Death, Cruel Master, Cyphermage Backer, Devilfish Diver, Dinosaur Whisperer, Eager Combatant, Expert Boarder, Expert Swimmer, Fight for Liberty, Free Agent, Freedom Fighter (Andoran), Gold Goblin Regular, Home Port, Hurricane Savvy, Narrow Escape, Pirate Duelist, Pretend Pirate, River Navigator, River Sniper, Ship Aptitude, Shipboard Caster, Slave Taker, Treasure Mapper, Whip Specialist