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People of the Stars

Estimated Release Date: 8/14/2014
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Archetypes [3]

Bow Nomad (Ranger), Qabarat Outrider (Cavalier), Season Keeper (Druid)

Deities [4]

Azathoth, Bokrug, Mhar, Yog-Sothoth

Equipment (Misc.) [15]

Anchoring balloon, Compressed air, Cosmogram, Leg stabilizers (pair), Orrery (calculating grand), Orrery (calculating standard), Orrery (calculating tellurium), Orrery (grand), Orrery (standard), Orrery (tellurium), Rations, space (per day), Telescope (x10), Telescope (x250), Telescope (x50), Traveler's pocket watch

Equipment (Weapons) [1]

Kasatha spinal sword

Feats [7]

Astrological Timing, Celestial Guidance, Empathy, Extra Surge, Nanite Disruption, Rapid Recovery, Rapid Repair

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [6]

Astrologer's Telescope, Harvesting Lens, Lens of Starsight, Ointment of Void Sealing, Traveler's Translator, Wayfinder of the Stars

Races [4]

Android, Kasatha, Lashunta, Triaxian

Spells [7]

Cosmic Ray, Gravity Sphere, Planetarium, Planetary Adaptation, Planetary Adaptation, Mass, Reboot, Starsight

Subdomains [2]

Dark Tapestry, Stars

Traits [27]

Aballonian Resilience, Adroit, Akitonian Ferocity, Awakened from Stasis, Born under the Cradle, Born under the Dreamer, Born under the Green Star, Born under the Stranger, Cellular Match, Eoxian Experiment, Lunar Birth, Nanite Revival, Offspring of the Ascension, Outer Dragon Blood, Scarred by Space Pirates, Skilled Telepath, Skymetal Affinity, Sovyrian Intellectual, Spidery Climber, Starlit Hexer, Sun-Blessed, Tactile Telekinesis, Transitional, Triaxian Dragonslayer, Triaxian Tradition, Twisted Transformations, Void Child