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Occult Origins

Estimated Release Date: 10/21/2015
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Archetypes [9]

Fated Guide (Spiritualist), Harrowed Society Student (Arcanist), Id Rager (Bloodrager), Mind Sword (Paladin), Nexian Channeler (Medium), Reliquarian (Occultist), Serpent-Fire Adept (Monk), Supernaturalist (Druid), True Silvered Throne (Shaman)

Feats [12]

Careful Reader, Chakra Mandala, Cranial Adjustment, Cranial Implantation, Haruspicy, Overwhelming Phantom, Rhabdomancy, Ritual Hex, Spectrum Sight, Spirit Symbiosis, Trepanation, Truth in Wine

Implement Focus Powers [7]

Bailiff's Chalice, Cinder-Stained Banyan, Ferryman's Slug, Grandmother's Clasp, Laughing Beast Icon, Mask of the Secret-Eater, Mournful Eye

Kineticist Elements [2]

Void, Wood

Kineticist Wild Talents [43]

Autumn Blast, Basic Chaokinesis, Basic Phytokinesis, Brachiation, Darkness Infusion, Darkness Infusion, Greater, Emptiness, Enervating Infusion, Eyes of the Void, Eyes of the Void, Greater, Flesh of Wood, Forest Siege, Gravitic Boost, Gravity Blast, Gravity Control, Gravity Control, Greater, Gravity Master, Green Tongue, Greensight, Merciful Foliage, Negative Admixture, Negative Blast, No Breath, Plant Disguise, Plant Puppet, Pulling Infusion, Roots, Shape Wood, Singularity, Spring Blast, Summer Blast, Thorn Flesh, Toxic Infusion, Toxic Infusion, Greater, Void Blast, Void Healer, Warp Wood, Wild Growth, Winter Blast, Wood Blast, Wood Soldiers, Woodland Step, Woodland Step, Greater

Medium Spirits [1]

Nex (Archmage)

Mesmerist Stares [6]

Devilbane Binding, Devilbane Dampening, Devilbane Dismissal, Devilbane Impediment, Devilbane Mundanity, Devilbane Withering

Mesmerist Tricks [5]

Chain of Eyes, Concealing Veil, Slip Bonds, Unwitting Messenger, Willful Ignorance

Phantom Emotional Foci [1]


Phrenic Amplifications [8]

Biokinetic Healing, Deflection Field, Dragon's Breath, Phrenic Strike, Psychofeedback, Telempathic Restoration, Telepathic Targeting, Transfer Fear

Psychic Discplines [2]

Enlightenment, Rebirth

Spells [17]

Death Pact, Dream Shield, Ectoplasmic Hand, Fool's Teleport, Implanted Projection, Jealous Rage, Mantle of Doubt, Mind Over Matter, Mindshock, Out of Sight, Phantom Limb, Psychic Leech, Psychonaut Manifestation, Quell Energy, Retributive Reparations, Sensory Amplifier, Subjective Reality