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Occult Adventures

Estimated Release Date: 7/29/2015
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Alchemist Discoveries [1]

Promethean Disciple

Archetypes [43]

Amnesiac (Psychic), Battle Host (Occultist), Blood Kineticist (Kineticist), Cult Master (Mesmerist), Ectochymist (Alchemist), Ectoplasmatist (Spiritualist), Elemental Annihilator (Kineticist), Elemental Ascetic (Kineticist), Escapologist (Rogue), Esoteric (Magus), False Medium (Rogue), Flesheater (Barbarian), Formless Adept (Psychic), Fractured Mind (Spiritualist), Geist Channeler (Spiritualist), Ghost Hunter (Paladin), Ghost Rider (Cavalier), Haunted (Spiritualist), Kami Medium (Medium), Karmic Monk (Monk), Kinetic Chirurgeon (Kineticist), Ley Line Guardian (Witch), Mindblade (Magus), Mutation Mind (Psychic), Necroccultist (Occultist), Onmyoji (Spiritualist), Overwhelming Soul (Kineticist), Phrenologist (Bard), Promethean Alchemist (Alchemist), Psychic Detective (Investigator), Psychic Duelist (Psychic), Reanimated Medium (Medium), Relic Channeler (Medium), Relic Hunter (Inquisitor), Sensate (Fighter), Sha'ir (Occultist), Silver Balladeer (Bard), Spirit Dancer (Medium), Spirit Walker (Mesmerist), Storyteller (Medium), Tome Eater (Occultist), Toxitician (Mesmerist), Vexing Daredevil (Mesmerist)

Cavalier Orders [2]

Order of the Eastern Star, Order of the Shroud

Classes [6]

Kineticist, Medium, Mesmerist, Occultist, Psychic, Spiritualist

Equipment (Misc.) [35]

Artist's poster, Aura goggles, Automatic writing planchette, Censer, Dowsing rod, Ectoplasmic residue, Fraudulent medium's kit, Hoodwink cowl, Hypnotist's locket (locket), Hypnotist's locket (pocket watch), Incense, Kineticist's kit, Magnetized paper, Medium's kit, Mesmerist's kit, Occult reference material, Occultist's implement, Occultist's kit, Performer's token, Phrenologist's kit, Portable solarium, Portable sweat lodge, Prismatic crystal, Prognostication manual, Psychic's kit, Psychometrist's gloves, Ritual bell, Snake oil, Spirit trumpet, Spiritualist's kit, Straitjacket (common), Straitjacket (masterwork), Talking board, Ventriloquist's dummy, Wind chime

Feats [68]

Alter Binary Mindscape, Bleeding Stare, Chakra Adept, Chakra Initiate, Chakra Master, Compounded Pain, Delay Blast, Demoralizing Stare, Disciplinary Devotee, Distant Delivery, Efficient Focus Shift, Elongated Cranium, Emotional Conduit, Empath, Excoriating Stare, Expanded Phrenic Pool, Extend Resonant Power, Extended Stare, Extra Amplification, Extra Focus Power, Extra Mental Focus, Extra Mesmerist Tricks, Extra Touch Treatment, Extra Wild Talent, Fatiguing Stare, Fearsome Spell, Focused Phantom, Furious Spell, Greater Mesmerizing Feint, Hidden Presence, Implement Focus, Intense Pain, Interweave Composite Blast, Intimidating Glance, Intrusive Presence, Intuitive Spell, Kinetic Counter, Kinetic Leap, Logical Spell, Lucid Dreamer, Manipulative Presence, Mesmerizing Feint, Parting Blast, Phantom Fighter, Phantom Fortification, Psychic Adept, Psychic Combatant, Psychic Defender, Psychic Disciple, Psychic Healing, Psychic Maestro, Psychic Sensitivity, Psychic Virtuoso, Rapid Focus Shift, Ready for Battle, Ready for Pain, Scarring Spell, Shared Soul, Shatter Mental Mask, Spirit Focus, Spirit Sense, Spiritual Balance, Spiritualist's Call, Strong Implement Link, Third Eye, Traumatic Spell, Vigilant Phantom, Xenoglossy

Hazards - Haunts [5]

Demanding Dead, Insidious Presence, Malignant Weapon, Rapping Spirit, Spectral Vermin

Implement Focus Powers [48]

Aegis, Binding Pattern, Cloak Image, Color Beam, Conjure Implement, Danger Sight, Energy Blast, Energy Shield, Energy Ward, Flesh Mend, Flesh Rot, Forced Alliance, Future Gaze, Globe of Negation, Inspired Assault, Light Matrix, Loci Sentry, Masquerade, Mental Discord, Mind Eye, Mind Over Gravity, Mind Slumber, Mind Steed, Mirage, Necromantic Servant, Obey, Object Seer, Pain Wave, Philosopher's Touch, Planar Ward, Powerful Connection, Psychic Curse, Psychic Fog, Purge Corruption, Quickness, Radiance, Shadow Beast, Shape Mastery, Side Step, Size Alteration, Soulbound Puppet, Spirit Shroud, Sudden Speed, Telekinetic Mastery, Unraveling, Unseen, Wall of Power, Watchful Eye

Kineticist Elements [6]

Aether, Air, Earth, Fire, Universal, Water

Kineticist Wild Talents [145]

Aerial Adaptation, Aerial Evasion, Aether Puppet, Aetheric Boost, Air Blast, Air Cushion, Air Shroud, Air Shroud, Greater, Air's Leap, Air's Reach, Basic Aerokinesis, Basic Geokinesis, Basic Hydrokinesis, Basic Pyrokinesis, Basic Telekinesis, Blizzard Blast, Blue Flame Blast, Bowling Infusion, Brilliant Infusion, Burning Infusion, Celerity, Chain, Charged Water Blast, Chilling Infusion, Cloud, Cold Adaptation, Cold Blast, Cold Snap, Cyclone, Deadly Earth, Disintegrating Infusion, Draining Infusion, Earth Blast, Earth Climb, Earth Glide, Earth Walk, Electric Blast, Elemental Grip, Enduring Earth, Engulfing Winds, Entangling Infusion, Enveloping Winds, Eruption, Expanded Defense, Explosion, Extended Range, Extreme Range, Fan of Flames, Fire Blast, Fire Sculptor, Fire's Fury, Firesight, Flame Jet, Flame Jet, Greater, Flame Shield, Flash Infusion, Flesh of Stone, Flurry of Blasts, Foe Throw, Force Barrier, Force Blast, Force Hook, Force Ward, Fragmentation, From the Ashes, Grappling Infusion, Gusting Infusion, Heat Adaptation, Heat Wave, Ice Blast, Ice Path, Ice Sculptor, Icewalker, Impale, Jagged Flesh, Kinetic Blade, Kinetic Cover, Kinetic Fist, Kinetic Form, Kinetic Healer, Kinetic Whip, Magma Blast, Magnetic Infusion, Many Throw, Metal Blast, Mobile Blast, Mud Blast, Plasma Blast, Pure-Flame Infusion, Pushing Infusion, Quenching Infusion, Rare-Metal Infusion, Reverse Shift, Ride the Blast, Sandstorm Blast, Searing Flame, Searing Flesh, Seismic Master, Self Telekinesis, Self Telekinesis, Greater, Shift Earth, Shift Earth, Greater, Shimmering Mirage, Shroud of Water, Skilled Kineticist, Skilled Kineticist, Greater, Slick, Smoke Storm, Snake, Spark of Life, Spell Deflection, Spray, Steam Blast, Stone Sculptor, Suffocate, Telekinetic Blast, Telekinetic Deflection, Telekinetic Finesse, Telekinetic Globe, Telekinetic Haul, Telekinetic Invisibility, Telekinetic Maneuvers, Thundering Infusion, Thunderstorm Blast, Tidal Wave, Torrent, Touchsight, Touchsight, Reactive, Trail of Flames, Tremorsense, Tremorsense, Greater, Unraveling Infusion, Veil of Mists, Voice of the Wind, Wall, Water Blast, Water Manipulator, Waterdancer, Waterdancer, Greater, Watersense, Weather Master, Wind Manipulator, Windsight, Windsight, Greater, Wings of Air

Magic Items (Artifacts) [5]

Portal Network, Primordial Symbol, Soul Portrait, Stannum Crown, Thought Record

Magic Items (Cursed Items) [4]

Haunted Doll, Maniac Hand, Mirror of Soul Snaring, Monkey's Paw

Magic Items (Rings) [2]

Ring of Psychic Mastery, Ring of the Hidden Psyche

Magic Items (Rods) [20]

Caduceus Rod, Rod of Metamagic, Fearsome (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Furious (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Logical (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Scarring (greater), Rod of Metamagic, Traumatic (greater), Hollow Rod, Rod of Metamagic, Logical (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Furious (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Fearsome (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Traumatic (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Scarring (lesser), Rod of Metamagic, Scarring (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Traumatic (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Fearsome (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Furious (normal), Rod of Metamagic, Logical (normal), Overflowing Rod, Refocusing Rod, Witching Rod

Magic Items (Staves) [1]

Vril Staff

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [52]

Animal Divining Pot, Talisman (Greater) (Arrow Protection), Talisman (Lesser) (Arrow Protection), Talisman (Lesser) (Beneficial Winds), Talisman (Greater) (Beneficial Winds), Candle of Spirit Protection, Talisman (Greater) (Danger Sense), Talisman (Lesser) (Danger Sense), Dreamcatcher, False Coin, Flying Skiff, Flying Sled, Four-leaf Clover, Talisman (Lesser) (Freedom), Talisman (Greater) (Freedom), Ganji Doll, Ganji Doll (Greater), Ghost Powder, Talisman (Greater) (Good Fortune), Talisman (Lesser) (Good Fortune), Kineticist's Diadem (Greater), Talisman (Lesser) (Healing Power), Talisman (Greater) (Healing Power), Incense of Corporeality, Incense of Open Thoughts, Indomitable Jewel, Kineticist's Diadem (Lesser), Talisman (Greater) (Life's Breath), Talisman (Lesser) (Life's Breath), Lithomancy Stones, Lucky Horseshoe, Lucky Horseshoe (Communal), Magic Talking Board, Mask of the Mesmerist, Kineticist's Diadem (Normal), Orgone Accumulator, Talisman (Lesser) (Protection from Flames), Talisman (Greater) (Protection from Flames), Talisman (Greater) (Sealed Summons), Talisman (Lesser) (Sealed Summons), Sensory Deprivation Hood, Shrunken Head, Soultheft Glass, Spirit Mirror, Spirit Revivification Incense, Spirit Slate, Thaumaturgic Powder, Tin Cap, Tome of Origami Animals, Talisman (Lesser) (Warrior's Courage), Talisman (Greater) (Warrior's Courage), Waxen Image

Medium Spirits [6]

Archmage, Champion, Guardian, Hierophant, Marshal, Trickster

Mesmerist Stares [7]

Allure, Disorientation, Psychic Inception, Sapped Magic, Sluggishness, Susceptibility, Timidity

Mesmerist Tricks [26]

Astounding Avoidance, Avian Escape, Compel Alacrity, Cursed Sanction, Faked Death, False Flanker, Fearsome Guise, Free in Body, Gift of Will, Greater Mask Misery, Levitation Buffer, Linked Reaction, Mask Misery, Meek Facade, Mental Fallback, Mesmeric Mirror, Mesmeric Pantomime, Misdirection, Psychosomatic Surge, Reflection of Weakness, Shadow Splinter, Spatial Switch, Spectral Smoke, Spell Anticipation, Vanish Arrow, Vision of Blood

Occult Rituals [11]

Avoidance Ward, Breach the Veil of Dreams, Call Beyond the Veil, Ensnaring Circle, Ethereal Rip, Haunted Communion, Opening the Third Eye, Psychic Shielding, Ritual Exorcism, Seek Astral Insights, Veil Structure

Occultist Implements [8]

Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, Transmutation

Phantom Emotional Foci [7]

Anger, Dedication, Despair, Fear, Hatred, Jealousy, Zeal

Phrenic Amplifications [19]

Complex Countermeasures, Conjured Armor, Defensive Prognostication, Dispelling Pulse, Dual Amplification, Focused Force, Intense Focus, Mimic Metamagic, Mindshield, Mindtouch, Ongoing Defense, Overpowering Mind, Relentless Casting, Space-rending Spell, Subordinate Spell, Synaptic Shock, Turning Shield, Undercast Surge, Will of the Dead

Psychic Discplines [9]

Abomination, Dream, Faith, Lore, Pain, Psychedelia, Rapport, Self-Perfection, Tranquility

Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [42]

Dwarf - Kineticist, Dwarf - Medium, Dwarf - Mesmerist, Dwarf - Occultist, Dwarf - Psychic, Dwarf - Spiritualist, Elf - Kineticist, Elf - Medium, Elf - Mesmerist, Elf - Occultist, Elf - Psychic, Elf - Spiritualist, Gnome - Kineticist, Gnome - Medium, Gnome - Mesmerist, Gnome - Occultist, Gnome - Psychic, Gnome - Spiritualist, Half-Elf - Kineticist, Half-Elf - Medium, Half-Elf - Mesmerist, Half-Elf - Occultist, Half-Elf - Psychic, Half-Elf - Spiritualist, Halfling - Kineticist, Halfling - Medium, Halfling - Mesmerist, Halfling - Occultist, Halfling - Psychic, Halfling - Spiritualist, Half-Orc - Kineticist, Half-Orc - Medium, Half-Orc - Mesmerist, Half-Orc - Occultist, Half-Orc - Psychic, Half-Orc - Spiritualist, Human - Kineticist, Human - Medium, Human - Mesmerist, Human - Occultist, Human - Psychic, Human - Spiritualist

Skill Uses [8]

Automatic Writing (Linguistics), Dowsing (Survival), Faith Healing (Heal), Hypnotism (Diplomacy), Phrenology (Arcana) (Knowledge), Prognostication (Sense Motive), Psychometry (Appraise), Read Aura (Perception)

Sorcerer Bloodlines [2]

Ectoplasm, Psychic

Spells [143]

Akashic Form, Analyze Aura, Anticipate Thoughts, Apport Animal, Apport Object, Aura Alteration, Aversion, Awaken Construct, Babble, Bilocation, Burst of Adrenaline, Burst of Insight, Call Spirit, Calm Spirit, Catatonia, Charge Object, Cognitive Block, Condensed Ether, Contagious Zeal, Create Mindscape, Create Mindscape, Greater, Decrepit Disguise, Deja Vu, Demand Offering, Detect Mindscape, Detect Psychic Significance, Divide Mind, Dream Council, Dream Scan, Dream Travel, Dream Voyage, Ectoplasmic Eruption, Ectoplasmic Snare, Ego Whip I, Ego Whip II, Ego Whip III, Ego Whip IV, Ego Whip V, Emotive Block, Enshroud Thoughts, Entrap Spirit, Erase Impressions, Ethereal Envelope, Ethereal Envelopment, Ethereal Fists, Etheric Shards, Explode Head, Foster Hatred, Ghost Whip, Grave Words, Hypercognition, Id Insinuation I, Id Insinuation II, Id Insinuation III, Id Insinuation IV, Implant False Reading, Incorporeal Chains, Inflict Pain, Inflict Pain, Mass, Instigate Psychic Duel, Intellect Fortress I, Intellect Fortress II, Intellect Fortress III, Mental Barrier I, Mental Barrier II, Mental Barrier III, Mental Barrier IV, Mental Barrier V, Mental Block, Microcosm, Mind Probe, Mind Swap, Mind Swap, Major, Mind Thrust I, Mind Thrust II, Mind Thrust III, Mind Thrust IV, Mind Thrust V, Mind Thrust VI, Mindlink, Mindscape Door, Mindwipe, Node of Blasting, Object Possession, Object Possession, Greater, Object Possession, Lesser, Object Reading, Oneiric Horror, Oneiric Horror, Greater, Paranoia, Parchment Swarm, Placebo Effect, Possession, Possession, Greater, Primal Regression, Psychic Asylum, Psychic Crush I, Psychic Crush II, Psychic Crush III, Psychic Crush IV, Psychic Crush V, Psychic Image, Psychic Reading, Psychic Surgery, Purge Spirit, Quintessence, Remote Viewing, Repress Memory, Retrocognition, Riding Possession, Sealed Life, Sealed Life, Greater, Sessile Spirit, Shadow Body, Spirit-Bound Blade, Synapse Overload, Synaptic Pulse, Synaptic Pulse, Greater, Synaptic Scramble, Synesthesia, Synesthesia, Mass, Talismanic Implement, Telekinetic Maneuver, Telekinetic Projectile, Telekinetic Storm, Telempathic Projection, Telepathy, Thaumaturgic Circle, Thought Echo, Thought Shield I, Thought Shield II, Thought Shield III, Thought Shield IV, Thought Shield V, Thoughtsense, Tower of Iron Will I, Tower of Iron Will II, Tower of Iron Will III, Tower of Iron Will IV, Tower of Iron Will V, Unshakable Zeal, Wall of Ectoplasm, Withdraw Affliction

Witch Patrons [2]

Ethereal, Mind