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Estimated Release Date: 11/15/2012
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NPCs [310]

Accomplished Angler, Acid Terror, Acolyte, Adventuring Blacksmith, Ageless Master, Aloof Archer, Aloof Scholar, Angel Slayer, Apprentice Jeweler, Arcane Experimenter, Arcane Pretender, Arcanothief, Arisen Sorcerer, Axe Dancer, Axe Lord, Axe Warrior, Azure Bolt Sorcerer, Barmaid, Battle Mage, Battle Skald, Beggar, Black Ice, Blackscale Sorcerer, Blackstrike, Blade Lord, Bloodfire Sorcerer, Border Guard, Bounty Hunter, Bramble Sorcerer, Brigand, Brutal Warlord, Bullying Brawler, Callous Rake, Cannibalistic Hunter, Careful Initiate, Carousing Champion, Castaway, Cautious Archer, Cautious Hunter, Cautious Mage, Cavalry Soldier, Cave Stalker, Cave Wizard, Cavern Defender, Celestial Theurge, Chain Mauler, Chameleon, Champion of Magic, Chaos Arrow, Charlatan, Con Artist, Constable, Contract Killer, Court Poet, Courtesan, Creeping Death, Crime Lord, Cruel Conjurer, Cruel Devotee, Cruel Instructor, Cultist, Cutpurse, Cutthroat Lawyer, Dagger Master, Dancing Dervish, Daredevil Hunter, Daring Bravo, Dark Nature Priest, Darkstar, Deadly Spy, Death Dealer, Death Initiate, Death Master, Death Priest, Death Whisperer, Deep Marshal, Demon Hunter, Demon-Blooded Sorcerer, Demonologist, Desert Protector, Desert Stalker, Diabolical Charmer, Dilettante, Diplomat, Divine Loremaster, Dog Rider, Dog Rider Knight, Doom Prophet, Doomsayer, Double Axe Fury, Dragon Chieftain, Dragon Smiter, Dwarven Arbalester, Dwarven Rager, Earthfather, Elemental Priest, Elven Honorblade, Elven Recluse, Enforcer, Evasive Slip, Expert Blacksmith, Expert Bodyguard, Failed Disciple, Falconer, Fastidious Sharpshooter, Fatal Axe, Fate-Bound Mage, Feisty Hotspur, Fey Enchantress, Fey Friend, Fiendslayer, Fiery Dragonkin, Fire Cleric, Fire Diabolist, Forest Guardian, Forge Rider, Freelance Thief, Furious Crusader, Fury of Flame, Gambler, Gem Sorcerer, Giant Hunter, Giant Slayer, Giant-Killer, Gladiator Champion, Glaive Rager, God Stealer, Golem-Breaker, Graceful Slayer, Grand Necromancer, Green Warden, Griffon Rider, Grizzled Mercenary, Grove Guardian, Guard, Guild Initiate, Guildmaster, Guru, Halfling Slinger, Hammer of Justice, Harrying Brute, Hateful Scourge, Haughty Avenger, Healer, Heir Apparent, Herald of Armageddon, Heretic, Hermit, Holy Archer, Holy Battle Mage, Honorable Outcast, Horse Monk, Ice Mage, Ice Maiden, Improvised Hurler, Infernal Champion, Initiate, Initiate of Flame, Investigator Wizard, Iron Duelist, Island Defender, Journeyman Carpenter, Jungle Wizard, King, Knight, Life Stealer, Lion Tamer, Little Fist, Local Celebrity, Lucky Mage, Mad Prophet, Mage Hunter, Mage Slayer, Mage Sniper, Mage Spy, Masked Lord, Master Duelist, Master Entertainer, Master Historian, Master of Undeath, Master Spy, Master Storycrafter, Master Universalist, Mayor, Mercenary Healer, Mercenary Magician, Midnight Dancer, Miner, Mistress of High Places, Mithral Master, Mithral Wizard, Monastic Sniper, Mother of Beasts, Mountaineer, Mounted Archer, Mounted Paragon, Mud Shaman, Murderous Halfling, Murderous Scythe, Natural Arcanist, Nature Scholar, Nimble Shuriken Thrower, Noble Crusader, Notorious Foil, Novice Scout, Officer, Old Sailor, Orc Slayer, Page, Pig Farmer, Pious Guard, Pirate King, Pirate Queen, Poacher, Poisononous Performer, Prankster Illusionist, Priest of Oblivion, Princess, Profane General, Puppet Master, Pyromaniac Mage, Queen of Staves, Rage Flame, Raging Swimmer, Recruit, Refined Reaver, Rider of the Steppe, Rival Explorer, Ruffian, Sacred Guardian, Sacred Killer, Sacred Sorcerer, Sail Master, Saintly Knight, Sapper, Savage Mercenary, Savage Plant Sage, Savage Rider, Scarred Wanderer, Scheming Fencer, Scholar Priest, Sea Captain, Seance Medium, Seasoned Trapper, Seductive Enchanter, Shadow Cleric, Shaman, Shieldbreaker, Shopkeeper, Shoreline Cleric, Skilled Sniper, Skirmishing Crusader, Skulking Brute, Sound Warrior, Spell Hunter, Spellsword, Spirit Avenger, Spry Ambusher, Squire, Stage Magician, Steadfast Defender, Storm Prophet, Storm Sorcerer, Street Artist, Street Magician, Street Performer, Successful Merchant, Sundering Axe, Superstitious Mercenary, Supreme Hunter, Swampwalker, Swift Brawler, Sword Savant, Sylvan Protector, Taiga Stalker, Tainted Sorcerer, Taunting Comedian, Tavern Champion, Tavern Singer, Thunder Wizard, Toothy Transmuter, Tournament Champion, Town Watcher, Traitor, Traitorous Brigand, Trapsmith, Tribal Champion, Tribal Leader, Tribal Seer, Trickster Mage, Trickster Priest, Tunnel Drummer, Tunnel Rat, Undead Bane, Undead Creator, Undead Hunter, Undead Slayer, Unseen Archer, Vaultbreaker, Veteran Buccaneer, Vigilant Bodyguard, Village Elder, Vivisectionist Cleric, War Priest, Warren Chief, Water Merchant, Whiteclaw Sorcerer, Wild Lancer, Wise Sage, Wrath Priest