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Mythic Origins

Estimated Release Date: 9/25/2013
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Magic Items (Armor) [1]

Shieldmarshal's Ward

Magic Items (Artifacts) [1]

Bracers of the Immortal Hunt

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [4]

Blackblot, Essence of Wandering Dreams, Token of the Eldest, Tyrant's Mark

Mythic Path Abilities [79]

Affliction Resistance (Guardian), Aim for the Eye (Trickster), Barbs of Ecstasy (Godling), Birth Nightmare (Godling), Blackfingers' Blessing (Godling), Blade of the Undying (Godling), Bloody Streak (Trickster), Champion of Weal (Godling), Claim the Price (Godling), Commanding Entrance (Marshal), Compelling Feint (Trickster), Concentrated Barrage (Marshal), Disabling Strike (Champion), Dominion over Outsiders (Archmage), Don't Cross Me (Marshal), Down Like Dominoes (Trickster), Drunken Luck (Godling), Eldritch Insight (Godling), Endless Bounty (Hierophant), Ethereal Trapsmith (Trickster), Fast Friends (Marshal), Faster than the Eye (Trickster), Feather Step (Trickster), Final Rest (Godling), Fires of Dawn (Godling), Flowers in Your Footsteps (Hierophant), Gozreh's Grace (Godling), Groundshaker (Champion), Hear the Word (Hierophant), Impassable (Guardian), Impeccable Intuition (Hierophant), Indefatigable Traveler (Guardian), Infectious Spell (Archmage), Insightful Interaction (Hierophant), Inspire Martyrdom (Marshal), Irrepressible Soul (Guardian), Juggernaut (Champion), Knot Expert (Trickster), Mantle of the Inheritor (Godling), Master Grappler (Champion), Mighty Hurler (Champion), Mighty Hurler (Guardian), Mob Ruler (Marshal), Mortal Herald (Universal), Mounted Marshal (Marshal), Mule's Strength (Champion), Mule's Strength (Guardian), Pilgrim of the Sky (Hierophant), Pilgrim of the Waves (Hierophant), Potent Message (Marshal), Prior Claim (Godling), Puppet Master (Hierophant), Redirect Attention (Marshal), Redirect Attention (Trickster), Remixer (Archmage), Roar of Triumph (Godling), Savored Sting (Godling), Seven-League Leap (Champion), Shadow of the First Vault (Godling), Shape Channel (Hierophant), Shapeshifting Mastery (Archmage), Shield of the Martyr (Guardian), Sniper's Riposte (Champion), Sniper's Riposte (Trickster), Star Walker (Archmage), Stasis (Guardian), Still the Blade (Godling), Stones Will Weep (Marshal), Teleportation Master (Archmage), Tempered Steel (Godling), Tip the Balance (Godling), Transcendent Self (Godling), Transformative Familiar (Archmage), Unbreakable Resilience (Guardian), Uncanny Adaptability (Guardian), Unintentional Feint (Trickster), Wanderer's Touch (Godling), Way of Knowing (Godling), World Breaker (Godling)

Mythic Spells [16]

Aroden's Spellbane, Borrowed Time, Covetous Aura, Crusader's Edge, Dirge of the Victorious Knights, Elemental Bombardment, Fleshcurdle, Geniekind, Gorum's Armor, Harrowing, Imbue with Flight, Shield of the Dawnflower, Soulreaver, Vermin Shape I, Vermin Shape II, Waters of Lamashtu

Spells [5]

Borrowed Time, Elemental Bombardment, Imbue with Flight, Soulreaver, Sustaining Legend