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Monster Codex

Estimated Release Date: 10/22/2014
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Alchemist Discoveries [2]

Blackstar Bomb (Su)*, Void Bomb (Su)*

Animal Companions [5]

Cave Salamander, Gorthek, Riding Python, Riding Rat, Yzobu

Archetypes [9]

Alchemical Trapper (Alchemist), Ancient Guardian (Druid), Bouda (Witch), Dragon Yapper (Bard), Fearmonger (Antipaladin), Grenadier [MC] (Alchemist), Pack Rager (Barbarian), Troll Fury (Druid), Winged Marauder (Alchemist)

Equipment (Misc.) [15]

Alchemical blood, Alchemical sling bullet, Barbed troll claws, Bombchucker, Fervor juice, Firework (signal rocket), Flying straps (masterwork), Flying straps (standard), Gorthek saddle, Horn harness, Light-killer's grease, Rhinarium paste, Riding rat (combat trained), Riding rat (common), Spiderdraw

Equipment (Weapons) [4]

Bolas bolts, Flindbar, Heavy slaver's crossbow, Light slaver's crossbow

Familiars [2]

Bat, sootwing, Seru

Feats [79]

Ancestral Enmity, Angelbane Strike, Aquatic Adaption, Aquatic Advantage, Aversion Tolerance, Awesome Charge, Bag of Bones, Blood Tide, Born of Frost, Bred Commander, Bushwhack, Chain Challenge, Chilled Rock, Cleaving Sweep, Commander of Goblinkind, Cooperative Rend, Coordinated Reposition, Corpse Companion, Corrupted Flesh, Dangerous Tail, Disarm Partner, Draconic Magic, Extra Croaking, Fetid Breath, Gluttonous Gobbler, Gnawer, Gray Dwarf Magic, Great Rend, Greater Blood Frenzy, Horn Rider, Horn Rider's Charge, Hurtful, Icy Stare, Improved Disarm Partner, Innate Arcana, Innate Flexibility, Mighty Bite, Motivated March, Mutual Hatred, Night Stalker, Ogre Crush, Old as Dust, Pack Rat, Pile On, Powerful Tongue, Raging Brute, Raging Regeneration, Regenerate Muscles, Savage Critical, Scarred Legion, Serpentine Compression, Shadow Shroud, Shared Stash, Sharptooth, Shocking Bellow, Sleeper, Slurk Rider, Smoking Boulder, Snapping Flank, Snapping Jaws, Sniper's Lantern, Sonic Croak, Spirit of the Corps, Sprinting Troll, Staggering Blow, Strangler (MC), Stunning Croak, Sure on Ice, Swift Swimmer, Tail Weapon, Telepathic Distraction, Throat Pouch, Tough as Iron, Vampiric Companion, Venomous Spray, Vestigial Head, Visceral Threat, Warmonger, Warren Digger

Magic Items (Armor) [2]

Bloodfeast Shield, Steaming

Magic Items (Rings) [1]

Bloodletting Thimble

Magic Items (Weapons) [8]

Burning, Catalytic, Cave Dweller's Greataxe, Frostblood Axe, Gauntlets of Rending, Serpent-Necked Flail, Snakebiter Arrow, Virulent

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [22]

Ambush Cauldron, Banner of the Rushing Horde, Cap of Enervation, Caver's Bolt, Cloak of the Troll King, Crashing Boots, Elixir of Oppression, Extractor's Gloves, Fog-Cutting Lenses, Gorthek Masks, Headband of Vermin Control, Horror Dust, Hunter's Nose Ring, Hyena Shawl, Irongrip Gauntlets, Pugwampi Braid, Serpentine Choker, Spikebones, Stench Spray Amulet, Venomsweat Salve, War Drums of Savagery, Winter Wolf Runetooth

Monsters [198]

Abrakarn Viper, Ancient Gravedigger, Boggard Abyssal Warrior, Boggard Brute, Boggard Champion, Boggard Farcroaker, Boggard Hunter, Boggard Priest-King, Boggard Prophet, Boggard Savage, Boggard Scarred One, Boggard Stalker, Boggard Swampseer, Bogwiggle, Bugbear Ambusher, Bugbear Bloodmage, Bugbear Cultist, Bugbear Flesh Glutton, Bugbear Gnasher, Bugbear Lurker, Bugbear Shadow Sneak, Bugbear Stalker, Bugbear Tyrant, Chosen of Lamashtu, Coffin Guard, Dark Spitter Beetle, Drow Demonic Champion, Drow House Captain, Drow House Guard, Drow Master Scout, Drow Matron, Drow Poisoner, Drow Priest, Drow Scout, Duergar Anvil, Duergar Bombardier, Duergar Captain, Duergar Hammer, Duergar High Priest, Duergar Lieutenant, Duergar Sergeant, Duergar Sharpshooter, Duergar Slaver, Duergar Taskmaster, Enlightened Vampire, Eye of Lamashtu, Feeder in the Depths, Fire Giant Doombringer, Fire Giant Glaive, Fire Giant King, Fire Giant Lieutenant, Fire Giant Magmablade, Fire Giant Queen, Fire Giant Strongarm, Flind, Frightful Haunter, Frost Giant Battle Priest, Frost Giant Elite Scout, Frost Giant Houndmaster, Frost Giant Hunter, Frost Giant Ice Mage, Frost Giant Jarl, Frost Giant Raider, Ghoul Commander, Ghoul Creeper, Ghoul Hound, Ghoul Huntsmaster, Ghoul Monarch, Ghoul Stalker, Gnoll Bouda, Gnoll Bruiser, Gnoll Lieutenant, Gnoll Packlord, Gnoll Rageborn, Gnoll Ravager, Gnoll Sergeant, Gnoll Warden, Goblin Chief, Goblin Commando, Goblin Firestarter, Goblin Frog-Talker, Goblin Outrider, Goblin Sneak, Goblin Stickylord, Goblin Vulture Pilot, Gorthek, Gorthek Rider, Grizzled Rider, Hobgoblin Battle Priest, Hobgoblin Battlefield Zealot, Hobgoblin Bombardier, Hobgoblin Commander, Hobgoblin Forerunner, Hobgoblin Lieutenant, Hobgoblin Paragon, Hobgoblin Sergeant, Juggernaut Beetle, Kirrix, Kobold Battle Master, Kobold Blade, Kobold Bomber, Kobold Chieftain, Kobold Devilspeaker, Kobold Guilecaster, Kobold Master Trapper, Kobold Monster Wrangler, Kobold Scalecaster, Kobold Sniper, Kobold Yapper, Kyrana, Lizard Scion, Lizardfolk Berserker, Lizardfolk Champion, Lizardfolk Clutch Mother, Lizardfolk Rattler, Lizardfolk Sorcerer, Lizardfolk Stalker, Lizardfolk Swamp Lurker, Lizardfolk Vanguard, Masked Murderer, Mutant Goblin, Ogre Boss, Ogre Brute, Ogre Destroyer, Ogre Glutton, Ogre Hunter, Ogre King, Ogre Mancatcher, Ogre Priest, Ogre Stalker, Orc Chieftain, Orc Lieutenant, Orc Mystic, Orc Scout, Orc Sergeant, Orc Thug, Orc War Drummer, Orc Warlord, Orc Witch Doctor, Ratfolk Bravo, Ratfolk Caravan Guard, Ratfolk Chemist, Ratfolk Elder, Ratfolk Expedition Leader, Ratfolk Sage, Ratfolk Tinkerer, Ratfolk Troubleshooter, Ratfolk Warden, Sahuagin Baron, Sahuagin Brute, Sahuagin Champion, Sahuagin Deep Racer, Sahuagin High Priestess, Sahuagin Infiltrator, Sahuagin Lieutenant, Sahuagin Prince, Sahuagin Scout, Sahuagin Shark Sentry, Sahuagin Underpriestess, Serpentfolk Bone Prophet, Serpentfolk High Priest, Serpentfolk Hunter, Serpentfolk Illusionist, Serpentfolk Spellblade, Serpentfolk Spy, Seru, Sewer Troll, Slaugrak, Sootwing Bat, Steam Hog, Svathurim, Troggle, Troggle Raider, Troglodyte Beast-Speaker, Troglodyte Champion, Troglodyte Chieftain, Troglodyte Priest, Troglodyte Scale-Rider, Troglodyte Skulker, Troglodyte Sorcerer, Troglodyte Tyrant, Troglodyte Warren Guard, Troll Acolyte, Troll Berserker, Troll Brute, Troll Elder Matron, Troll Fury, Troll Monarch, Troll Render, Troll Ripper, Troll Warden, Vampire Lord, Vampire Savage, Vampire Seducer, Vampire Spawn, Vampire Warrior, Weird Butler, Yzobu

Monster Templates [17]

Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Giantkin Ogre, Monk, Mutant Goblin, Paladin, Pickin Ogre, Ranger, Rogue, Shaggra Ogre, Sorcerer, Thicken Ogre, Vampire Spawn, Wizard

Oracle Curses [2]

Cold-Blooded, Infested

Oracle Mysteries [1]


Races (Alternate Favored Class Options) [4]

Boggard - Barbarian, Boggard - Bard, Boggard - Fighter, Boggard - Ranger

Races (Alternate Racial Traits) [10]

Ratfolk - Cheek Pouches, Ratfolk - Cleanliness, Boggard - Estivation, Duergar - Ironskinned, Ratfolk - Lab Rat, Boggard - Leaper, Goblin - Oversized Goblins, Boggard - Priest-King, Ratfolk - Surface Sprinter, Duergar - Twilight-Touched

Sorcerer Bloodlines [1]


Spells [24]

Air Breathing, Amplify Stench, Aura of Cannibalism, Blood in the Water, Bouncy Body, Control Vermin, Dust Ward, Endothermic Touch, Fleshy Facade, Gift of the Deep, Hungry Earth, Ice Slick, Ironskin, Isolate, Magic Boulder, Mark of the Reptile God, Mud Buddy, Scale Spikes, Scale Spikes, Greater, Spellsteal, Sundered Serpent Coil, Swarm of Fangs, Transfer Regeneration, Trial of Fire and Acid

Witch Hexes [1]

Mud Witch (Su)