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Legacy of Fire Player's Guide

Estimated Release Date: 3/1/2009
Product Line: Adventure Path Store Page: Store Page: N/A

Equipment (Armor) [2]

Madu (leather), Madu (steel)

Equipment (Weapons) [6]

Battle poi, Madu (leather/steel), Meteor hammer, Rope gauntlet, Scorpion whip, Sling glove

Feats [8]

All Gnolls Must Die, Flame-Tested Survivor, Gifted Mesmerist, Graverisen, Healer's Touch, History of Scars, Relentless Butcher, Sandwalker

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [12]

Bag of Everlasting Dung, Boots of the Soft Step, Dunestrider Boots, Dyso's Travel Canopy, Firepowder, Glarecutter Goggles, Goblet of Quenching, Handstraps of Roofjumping, Keffiyeh of Cooling, Figurine of Wondrous Power (Lapis Camel), Sandsculpt Resin, Sentinel Scorpion

Traits [33]

Animal Friend, Blade of Mercy, Child of Zolurket, Cleansing the Twisted, Desert Child, Duskwalker Agent, Earning your Freedom, Ekujae Reflexes, Eyes and Ears of the City, Finding Haleen, Forlorn, Freed Slave (Katapesh), Freedom Fighter (Halfling), Genie Blood, Gnoll Killer, Historian, Latent Psion, Legacy of Sand, Magic is Life, Merchant's Child, Missionary, Nightstall Urchin, Pesh Addict, Pesh Dealer, Reclaiming your Roots, Savannah Child, Seeking Adventure, Spirits in the Stone, Strength of the Sun, The City Protects, Uwaga Highlander, Wisdom in the Flesh, World Traveler