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Knights of the Inner Sea

Estimated Release Date: 9/1/2012
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Archetypes [4]

Combat Healer Squire (Paladin), Gunner Squire (Gunslinger), Herald Squire (Cavalier), Weapon Bearer Squire (Fighter)

Cavalier Orders [3]

Order of the Land, Order of the Penitent, Order of the Staff

Feats [1]


Magic Items (Weapons) [3]

Glaive-Guisarme of the Vanguard, Knight-Captain's Lance, War Lance

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [8]

Bridle of Tricks (3 tricks), Bridle of Tricks (4 tricks), Bridle of Tricks (5 tricks), Armiger's Panoply, Champion's Banner, Commander's Banner, Crusader's Tabard, War Saddle

Spells [8]

Bed of Iron, Carry Companion, Clarion Call, Emblazon Crest, Keep Watch, Serren's Armor Lock, Serren's Swift Girding, Ward Shield

Traits [25]

Absolute Loyalty, Black as Night, Burst of Speed, Calculated Bribe, Cold Heart, Confidante to the Oppressed, Contagious Mettle, Cunning Breed, Demon Eradicator, Dismantle Order, Dueling Cloak Adept, Enemy of Slavers, Eye of the Falcon, Fleet of Foot, Gallant Imposter, Inspiring Rush, Iron Mind, Law Enforcer, Orc Impaler, Relentless Fortitude, Searing Beacon, Stalwart Elk, Steel Skin, Water-Trained, Weather-Beaten