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Inner Sea Primer

Estimated Release Date: 11/1/2010
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Arcane Focused Schools [3]

Absalom: Arcanamirium Crafter, Cheliax: Egorian Academy Infernal Binder, Qadira: Mage of the Veil

Archetypes [6]

Absalom: Arcanamirium Crafter (Wizard), Aldori Defender (Fighter), Cheliax: Egorian Academy Infernal Binder (Wizard), Qadira: Dawnflower Dervish (Fighter), Qadira: Mage of the Veil (Wizard), Taldor: Rondelero Duelist (Fighter)

Traits [76]

Abendego Spellpiercer, Absalom Hotspur, Acolyte of Razmir, Alkenstar Defender, Andoren Freedom Fighter, Antiquities Smuggler, Artifact Hunter, Aspiring Hellknight, Bandit, Bounty Hunter, Candidate for Perfection, Child of the Crusades, Chivalrous, Cosmopolitan, Crusader Tactician, Cynic, Desert Nomad, Devotee of Kalistrade, Dominator, Enemy of the Undead, Fangwood Diplomat, Freed Slave (Andoran), Friend of the Dead, Friend of the Fey, Genie-Caller, Hermean Paragon, Iadaran Illusionist, Imperial Soldier, Inspiring Speaker, Isgeri Orphan, Issian Noble, Jungle Guide, Jungle Walker, Lastwall Cavalry Rider, Linebreaker, Mammoth Master, Mana Wastes Survivalist, Merchant's Child, Mordant Heritage, Mountain Guide, Nidalese Shadowcaster, Nirmathi Militia, Oagan Diver, Oenopion Alchemist, Osirionologist, Perseverance, Pesh Addict, Purchased Loyalty, Quantium University Graduate, Rahadoumi Cultist, Rahadoumi Disbeliever, Rider of Paresh, Riverfolk, Sargavan Guard, Secret of the Impossible Kingdom, Secret Revolutionary, Shackles Seafarer, Shoanti Tribesman, Signaler, Silent Watcher, Soldier of the Faith, Stormrunner, Superstitious, Superstitious Ward, Swordlord's Page, Technic Tinkerer, Thuvian Merchant, Touched by the Sky, Treerazor's Bane, Uskwood Hunter, Ustalavic Noble, Varisian Wanderer, Viking Blood, Wealthy Dabbler, Winter Warrior, Winter's Soul