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Humans of Golarion

Estimated Release Date: 6/10/2011
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Spells [5]

Ablative Sphere (Garundi), Burning Arc (Keleshite), Cultural Adaptation (Taldan), Snow Shape (Ulfen), Summon Totem Creature (Shoanti)

Traits [23]

Animalistic Affliction, Artistic Dilettante, Auspicious Tattoo, Azlanti Inheritor, Blade Bravado, Bred for War, Ever Home, Glib Barrister, Harrow Born, Horse Lord (Keleshite), Ice Walker, Keeper of the Ancestral Scrolls, Market Rat, Master of the Sudden Strike, Open Palm of Irori, Operatic, Shield Bearer, Stargazer, Student of Nantambu, Superstitious (Kellid), Tongue of Many Towns, Trailblazer, Voice of Velvet

Weapon Groups [22]

aldori dueling sword (Blades, Heavy), battle poi (Flails), bladed scarf (Flails), butterfly knife (Blades, Light), cestus (Close), chain spear (Double), chain spear (Spears), chakram (Blades, Light), flambard (Blades, Heavy), hanbo (Monk), katar (Close), katar (Blades, Light), klar (Blades, Heavy), launching crossbow (Crossbows), madu (leather/steel) (Blades, Light), rope gauntlet (Close), sawtooth sabre (Blades, Light), scizore (Blades, Light), shoanti bolas (Thrown), sling glove (Thrown), temple sword (Monk), war razor (Blades, Light)