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Healer's Handbook

Estimated Release Date: 1/25/2017
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Alchemist Discoveries [3]

Neutralizing Bomb, Purging Mutagen, Remady Extract

Archetypes [16]

Angelfire Apostle (Cleric), Arcane Physician (Wizard), Benefactor (Shaman), Disciple of Wholeness (Monk), Disciple of Wholeness (Monk (Unchained)), Faith Singer (Bard), Invigorator (Paladin), Nature Priest (Druid), Pei Zin Practitioner (Oracle), Restorer (Druid), Sacrament Alchemist (Alchemist), Sacred Attendant (Cleric), Solacer (Bard), Stoic Caregiver (Cleric), Wasteland Blightbreaker (Alchemist), Wilderness Medic (Ranger)

Bard Masterpieces [2]

Endless Waltz of the Eldest (Dance, String), Symphony of Sylandurla’s Ascent (Percussion, Wind)

Feats [12]

Combat Vigor, Conditional Spell, Contingent Spell, Curative Mastery, Fortuitous Vigor, Insidious Healing, Lifebound, Painful Cures, Restorative Vigor, Take a Breather, Unconquerable Resolve, Vim and Vigor

Kineticist Wild Talents [2]

Kinetic Restoration, Kinetic Revivification

Magic Items (Rings) [1]

Ring of Resumption

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [14]

Nursing Necklace (Ant), Nursing Necklace (Centipede), Gloves of Stolen Breath, Nursing Necklace (Leech), Memoriam Root, Healer's Satchel (Normal), Phoenix Feather, Nursing Necklace (Scarab), Silver Soul Cord, Soothing Lyre, Healer's Satchel (Specialized), Nursing Necklace (Spider), Trollskin Tourniquet, Unicorn's Blackened Horn

Oracle Mysteries [1]


Paladin Mercies [11]

Amputated, Confused, Deceived, Enfeebled, Ensorcelled, Haunted, Injured, Petrified, Restorative, Riled, Targeted

Paladin Variant Divine Bonds [3]

Agathion Bond, Angelic Bond, Archon Bond

Shaman Spirit Specializations [1]


Spells [7]

Balance of Suffering, Befuddled Combatant, Curative Distillation, Healing Flames, Healing Token, Inspiring Recovery, Purify Body

Traits [21]

Animal-Spirit Vitality, Bloody Vengeance, Curse Queller, Debt to a Witch, Educated Druggist, Envoy of Healing, Godless Resolve, Guerrilla Mender, Heir of Chu Ye, Iobarian Survivor, Jadwiga Medicine, Mana Wastes Medic, Mwangi Herbal Tradition, Near-Death Experience, Patron's Boon, Prestigious Healer, Scarred by War, Servitor of Spirits, Skilled Surgeon, Soul-Searcher's Strength, Sustaining Performance

Warpriest Focused Blessings [5]

Cooperation, Freedom, Martyr, Restoration, Resurrection

Witch Hexes [4]

Ameliorating (Su), Death Interrupted (Su), Major Ameliorating (Su), Regenerative Sinew (Su)

Witch Patrons [1]