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Giant Hunter's Handbook

Estimated Release Date: 12/17/2014
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Archetypes [3]

Goliath Druid (Druid), Titan Fighter (Fighter), Vexing Dodger (Rogue)

Equipment (Misc.) [8]

Adamantine chain (10 ft.), Fire giant hunter's kit, Frost giant hunter's kit, Gecko gloves, Giant lair infiltrator's kit, Gum rope, Lodestone boots, Mithral chain (10 ft.)

Equipment (Weapons) [4]

Barbed spear, Dire bolas, Flask pike, Sarissa

Feats [15]

Arcing Lob, Cry Challenge, Darting Retrieval, Giant Vendetta, Giant-Bane Caster, Giant-Killer Stance, Ground-Grabber, Harder They Fall, Mountain-Splitting Strike, Pernicious Stab, Scuttle, Stone Dodger, Suppress Regeneration, Swing About, Yai-Mimic Spell

Magic Items (Armor) [1]


Magic Items (Rings) [1]

Ring of Perfect Sizing

Magic Items (Weapons) [6]

Axe of Felling, Effortless Lace, Grasping Bolas, Resizing, Shrivelblade, Smuggler's Sling

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [6]

Earth Child Faceguard, Harp of Slumber, Impact Gauntlets, Manteau of the Mouse, Trollbane Blanch, Trollblood Elixir

Spells [8]

Burdened Thoughts, Hollow Blades, Resize Item, Runic Overload, Siphon Might, Steal Size, Stone Throwing, Twisted Futures

Traits [17]

Artifact Hunter (GS), Chilled by Brutality, Dragonfoe, Dwarf-Trained, Enchanted by Giants, Giant Ambivalence, Giant Dodger, Giant Investigator, Giant-Blooded, Giant-Harried, Giantslayer Scion, Orphaned by Giants, Roll With It, Scrambling Servant, Student of Giantkind, Trunau Native, Vexing Defender