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Faiths of Balance

Estimated Release Date: 7/6/2011
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Equipment (Misc.) [7]

Bronze gong, Driftwood icon, Iron eye, Just scale, Stinging whip, Sundered mask, Winged fetish

Feats [6]

Arcane Insight, Bloody Vengeance, Measured Response, Riptide Attack, Spiked Destroyer, Steady Engagement

Magic Items (Potions/Oils) [1]

Calming Oils (Gozreh)

Magic Items (Weapons) [1]

Triple-Stinging Blade (Calistria)

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [5]

Clockwork Key (Abadar), Manual of Calm Reflection (Irori), Mask of Destruction and Creation (Nethys), Razored Ropes, Spiral Tiles (Pharasma)

Spells [9]

Abstemiousness, Early Judgment, Fairness, Lighten Object, Lighten Object, Mass, Read Weather, Seducer's Eyes, Sky Swim, Spell Gauge

Traits [23]

Arcane Depth, Broken Mind, Centered, Child of Nature, Corpse Hunter, Deck Fighter, Empty Heart, Full Heart, Eyes of the Wild, Holy Schemer, Honey-Tongued, Iron Grip, Know the Land, Lover of the Law, Nimble Fingers, Keen Mind, Opener of Doors, Opportunistic, River Freedom, Seer of Reality, Spirit Guide, Strip the Veils, Strong Heart, Strong Swimmer, Underlying Principles