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Dungeoneer's Handbook

Estimated Release Date: 3/8/2013
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Alchemist Discoveries [3]

Demolition Charge*, Grease Bomb*, Malignant Poison

Archetypes [6]

Blazing Torchbearer (Alchemist), Dungeon Rover (Ranger), Groom (Ranger), Sapper (Rogue), Terra-Cotta Monk (Monk), Trap Breaker (Alchemist)

Equipment (Misc.) [27]

A Thread of Silver, Bone paste, Breaker's kit, Cardice oil, Coral boulder, Diver's kit, Heroka's Saga, Vol. I, Insomnia powder, Jetcaster, Key-wound rattler, Liron Treye's Journal, Litmus strip, Metal glove, Observations of Oagon, Petrified ooze, Phosphorescent gel, Pomander (merchant's), Pomander (noble's), Shrieking paste, Specialty smoke pellet (Pepper), Specialty smoke pellet (Smog), Thieves' ring, Thieves' tool extenders (common), Thieves' tool extenders (mithral), Tinker's cap, Trapper's kit, Vigil cap

Feats [9]

Arcane Trap Suppressor, Close Call, Coaxing Spell, Cursed Item Detection, Dampen Presence, Ostentatious Display, Tactical Reposition, Torch Handling, Torchbearer

Magic Items (Weapons) [2]

Breaking, Shattering

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [9]

Discerning Goggles, Evidentiary Dust, Lantern of Concealment, Luminous Facet, Smear of Seeing, Teleporting Climbing Rig, Toxin Sponge, Dark Green Rhomboid (Normal) Ioun Stone, Deep Brown Sphere (Normal) Ioun Stone

Spells [6]

Conjure Deadfall, Create Holds, Determine Depth, Discern Value, Nature's Ravages, Nature's Ravages, Greater

Traits [4]

Alien Origins, Destined for Greatness, Dungeon Dweller, Lost Role Model