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Demon Hunter's Handbook

Estimated Release Date: 8/17/2013
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Archetypes [1]

Cold Iron Warden (Inquisitor)

Barbarian Rage Powers [2]

Bloody Fist (Ex), Feast of Blood (Su)

Equipment (Misc.) [12]

Angel quill arrowhead, Caltrops, cold iron, Crusader's cross (masterwork), Crusader's cross (standard), Exorcism kit, Firework (holy fountain), Interrogation tools, Planar traveler's kit, Portable altar, Portable altar (masterwork), Slime slow, Sun cinder

Feats [7]

Coordinated Distraction, Demonic Nemesis, Exorcist's Rebuttal, Outer Planes Traveler, Punch Through, Spell Chain, Vengeful Banisher

Magic Items (Weapons) [1]

Dagger of Repossession

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [8]

Azata's Whimsy, Bastion Banner, Caltrop Bead (Cold Iron), Dawnflower's Light, Deadlimb Pins, Caltrop Bead (Iron), Thorned Manacles, Warding Lips

Ranger Traps [3]

Anchoring Trap* (Su), Telepathy Trap (Su), Transpositional Trap (Su)

Spells [6]

Anti-Summoning Shield, Burst with Light, Detect Demon, Protection from Outsiders, Righteous Blood, Telepathic Censure

Traits [15]

Abyssal Eavesdropper, Chance Encounter, Charau-Ka Slayer, Child of the Crusades (WotR), Demon-Proof Mind, Dreadful Forethought, Elven Bitterness, Exposed to Awfulness, Planar Negotiator, Riftwarden Orphan, Runaway Slave, Star Reader, Stolen Fury, Touched by Divinity, True Name Caller